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    • SEPTEMBER 16, 2021
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    Oasis legendary performance documentary released on big screen – Reading Eagle

    Here in the United States, despite being the best-known band to emerge from the Britpop explosion in the mid-90s, Oasis never quite conquered America. Yet in their home country, the UK, they were more than gigantic, as evidenced by their two-night adventure in August 1996 in Knebworth, England. The documentary ‘Oasis Knebworth 1996’ will be

    • SEPTEMBER 13, 2021
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    Robert Plant says old rock bands look ‘decrepit’

    Led Zeppelin will always be one of the greatest rock’n’roll groups in musical history, even if his own Robert Plant sometimes doesn’t care. Plant has always criticized Zeppelin. There are songs he really likes, like “Kashmir”. But there are also songs he absolutely despises, including one of Zeppelin’s greatest hits, “Stairway to Heaven”. He donated

    • SEPTEMBER 11, 2021
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    Listen to the best rock music with Canadian artist and producer Zarbo’s Soundscape

    The creative escapade of ’80s rock sound is presented through the artist’s compelling remastered versions Zarbo. It lays the foundation for a sound that resonates with that of retro dance themes across a range of rock music. The sense of old school elements in his music continues to express itself with individuality even to this