Savarre’s ‘Blood Under The Bridge’ exudes classic rock charm with lively storytelling

Savarre‘the last single’Blood under the bridge ‘ led by Shannon’s passionate voice adds dynamism to the track. It is fed by a superb rock hook.

Led by Shannon Denise Evans, Savarre is the powerful new age rock band that explores the style of classic rock sound while balancing edgy hook rock with intriguing contemporary sounds. The singer’s gift for storytelling is very evident in the way she tells the story of the curiosity that drives everyone’s lives in her new song, ‘Blood under the bridge ‘. She is a passionate storyteller and uses her raw expressions to bring the single to life. The powerful single keeps her vocals the center of attention and showcases her dignified musicality paired with anthemic lyrics and hard rock sounds. The artist’s creative career spans multiple disciplines, including songwriter, singer, songwriter, novelist and playwright.

SavarreShannon’s authenticity, lyricism and musicality stand out among the genre’s chaotic crowd and Shannon’s thrilling energy and passionate voice keeps listeners hooked on her intensified productions. The spectrum rock group has already created ripples in the industry with their alluring soundscapes and the singer’s traditional musical attributes are sure to elevate the group’s position to the top. The song ‘Blood under the bridge ‘ is undeniably catchy with the singer offering plenty of hooks with her solid vocal charisma. Listen to it on Spotify and follow the group on Instagram now.

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Thu Sep 30, 2021

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