🇧🇬 Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project promises a “Classic Modern Rock Show”

Intelligent Music Project has hinted at what viewers can expect from their performance in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Ahead of their departure to Turin for the Eurovision Song Contest, Intelligent Music Project spoke to BNT about their expectations and plans for the contest in Turin. Slavin Slavchev, a vocalist of the group, said in an interview that:

The song has its merits and especially stands out from the rest. Most participants opted for an electronic dance type sound. There’s plenty to delight fans of true rock’n’roll in this year’s palette of songs. We hope that we can somehow touch the hearts of rock fans and I call on everyone who identifies themselves in some way to support us.

Discussing their staging for the competition, they explained that they:

put on a classic modern rock show on stage with effects, lights and LED screens.

Intelligent Music Project will perform 7th in the first semi-final on May 10.

Who are Intelligent Music Project?

Intelligent Music Project is a rock supergroup founded by Bulgarian businessman Milen Vrabevski in 2012. The band’s current line-up consists of Bisser Ivanov (guitar), Slavin Slavchev (backing vocals), Ivo Stefanov (keyboard), Dimiter Sirakov (bass) and Stoyan Yankoulov (drums).

Since forming, Intelligent Music Project has released six studio albums, with their latest album ‘The Creation’ being released in 2021. The group has collaborated with artists including TOTO, Black Sabbath, Stevie Wonder and Phil Collins.

Intelligent Music Project has been selected internally by BNT to represent Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The song they will perform in Turin is called “Intention”. It was written and composed by the band’s founder, Milen Vrabevski.

Image source: ORLIN NIKOLOV / Eurovision.tv | Source: BNT

In the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, 17-year-old Kristian Kostov finished in second place in the grand final. Bulgaria have qualified for the Grand Final five times out of thirteen attempts at the contest. Bulgaria made its Eurovision Song Contest debut in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2005. The country competed annually from 2005 to 2013, before pulling out for two years due to financial issues. Since returning to the contest in 2016, Bulgaria have qualified for the final of every contest they have entered.

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