10 Classic Rock Bands Who Released Three Perfect Albums In A Row


Putting out an iconic rock album that breaks the mold and stays in the memory for a long time is a monumental task in itself.

Luckily for rock fans, this means that the select few bands are good enough to produce not one, but several albums that defy expectations and pass as timeless classics are so good it’s nearly impossible to express their level. of prestige and dexterity through the power of simple words.

It is arguably impossible to put in order the accomplishments of some of the greatest musicians to ever walk the face of the earth due to the wide variety of tones and styles they exhibit. Coming from all eras and avenues of rock, this tone and style often evolve and adapt over the course of their career.

In an exhibition of their otherworldly musical gifts, several prominent classic rock bands managed to produce three albums that resonated perfectly with audiences and critics alike, standing the test of time as a testament to the incredible talents and legacies of these groups.

And just to amaze you even more, these albums follow one another, in an incessant flow of prodigious musical mastery.

Already famous for their previous sensational albums High Voltage and Let There Be Rock, hard rock wizards AC/DC produced a spectacular triple release during a manic two-year period between 1979 and 1981.

The band blasted the doors of the rock world with Highway to Hell in 1979; featuring arguably the most recognizable rock anthem of all time in the form of the titular track. It was the first time an AC/DC album had debuted in the US Top 100 and earned them rock royalty status with global audiences.

However, in a tragic game-changer, legendary frontman Bonn Scott died of alcohol poisoning in London in 1980, leading the band to consider disbanding. After finally persevering and dramatically accelerating things, AC/DC’s piece de resistance Back in Black debuted later that same year.

The album remains to this day the best-selling album by any band in history and introduced the world to some of the band’s most beloved songs such as You Shook Me All Night Long and Shoot To Thrill; the band dedicated the album in a touching way to the late great Scott.

The Aussie outfit ended things on a high. For These About To Rock (We Salute You) first aired on radio stations worldwide from November 1981, which was hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as AC/DC’s finest work to date. this day.

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