10 Greatest Love Songs in Rock Music History


When rock and roll was first released, it wasn’t necessarily considered the most heartfelt music in the world. While someone like Little Richard or Jerry Lee Lewis may have lit the scene at the time, it can’t really be said that the songs exactly came from a personal place or anything. After Elvis Presley came along singing songs like Love Me Tender, there was a much bigger market for love songs than anyone realized.

Although some may call these ballads powerful, rock and rollers sometimes has a knack for writing genuine love songs that can touch your heart if you’re not careful. The most important thing behind these songs isn’t the amount of rock and roll…it’s the context. From the way these people describe the object of their affection, you can pretty much see the whole story playing out in your mind, where it leads to romance or the man pining for someone he doesn’t. can ever have.

It’s not exclusive to rock either, and bands from punk, metal and everything in between have thrown their hats into the ring with songs that have their hearts on their sleeve. Rock and roll may be all about reaching the top of the charts, but it’s good when you have that special someone to share it with.

If you take your pick from Oasis interviews at the time, the Gallagher brothers were never known to be the most candid people. When they weren’t criticizing bands like Blur for not being as good as them, they were already saying they were going to be the best band in the world. The greatest band in the world must have good songs though, and Noel Gallagher managed to convey a slice of emotion on Slide Away.

Admittedly, Christmas songwriting isn’t the real killer blow for this one. Compared to anything Oasis has released, this remains one of the greatest vocal performances Liam Gallagher has ever done, sounding his younger and showing a lot more emotion this time around. Since this is a fiery love song, you can feel him backtracking a bit, creating a melody where he sounds hopeful about the future with this person.

Even when you get to the end of the song, the outro is where it all kicks into high gear yet again, everything coming to a crescendo with Noel singing “I don’t know, I don’t care, everything what I know is you can take me there.” Yet that is what love is. It’s one of the most powerful things in the world, and yet none of us can quite pinpoint what makes it so transcendent.

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