10 hard rock bands that laid off important members


Being in a group is a bit like being in a marriage most of the time. Apart from the millions of shows that you have to do year after year, you always have to make sure you get back to why you enjoyed playing in the first place. If it was a musical wedding, these groups were intended for the divorce court.

Once these groups became successful, it became clear that there were one or two people who were no longer doing their own weight.

Whether it was because of their egos going to their heads or simply a difference of opinion on the direction of the group, these musicians were fired without any hope of becoming a rock and roll star.

They weren’t just random evictions, either. Often times, these musicians were the key to the sound of the band and were involved in the writing of many of their classic songs.

While some of them have faded into oblivion, it’s also interesting to reflect on how these bands recovered and how musicians went from being outcasts in the music industry. These situations are always heartbreaking for everyone involved, but what is rock and roll without at least some sort of drama?

The dynamics of Slipknot really started to change over time. Compared to the 9 maniacs who were on stage night after night, the Knot feels a lot more like a brotherhood now, with each member giving their all in each performance. This does not mean, however, that they did not have obstacles along the way.

After tragically losing Paul Gray to drugs after the All Hope is Gone tour ended, the Maggots suffered another blow when they learned that they were also separating from Joey Jordison.

Considering this is a band known to have 3 percussionists, losing Joey was one of the biggest bombs you could have asked for, as he was the one who named the band and delivered an assault. after another on songs like Psychosocial and the Heretic Anthem.

They did manage to survive, however, by drafting Jay Weinberg from Against Me! and louder and louder on .5 the Gray Chapter in memory of their late bassist. While Joey always intended to get back with Slipknot later, it all became impossible when we lost him in July.

Still, it is better that they are at least on good terms before it all ends. Whether in or out of Slipknot, Joey will always be a part of the Slipknot family.

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