10 Hard Rock Bands That Should Be In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame


Over the years, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has become something of a joke in the music community. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with writing these artists down in music history, there’s only been a handful of artists each year, plus people complaining about what’s going on. is and is not rock and roll. Ultimately, rock and roll is a feeling, and each of these bands defines that perfectly.

Regardless of what subgenre they hail from, these artists have made incredible strides for the rock community and music as a whole, only to be swept under the rug time and time again. From true originals to some of the best in their field, many of these snubs no longer need to prove anything due to the vast body of work they already have. But since they aren’t among the respected acts, they don’t get as much attention.

While you may debate whether or not acts like ABBA belong in the room, it’s time to focus on who deserves to be among the next to receive the accolades. Once you have these artists, things might start moving in the right direction.

Until a few years ago, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame criteria had finally reached the 90s. After years of waiting, it’s time to finally address the elephant in the room and throw a bone in the coat of kickass that was the grunge and alternative movement. While they may have gotten it right with Nirvana and Pearl Jam, it looks like Hall is taking its time with Soundgarden.

If we consider the timeline they’ve had, Soundgarden is perhaps the most indicative of the grunge genre than any of their Big 4 counterparts, considering they’ve been on the scene since the release of their Screaming EP. Life on Sub Pop. in the mid-80s. While it might have taken a little while for them to hit their stride with Superunknown, that doesn’t diminish the incredible amount of talent present with each member, from Kim Thayil’s mad science approach to riffs to Chris Cornell’s Robert Plant like moans.

What makes matters even more complicated is that Cornell won’t even be present when Soundgarden finally enters after killing himself in 2017. However, any ceremony with Soundgarden at the helm is bound to be something special, whether he whether it’s a round robin of singers replacing Chris or an all-star jam at the end. Either way, these alternative staples have more than earned a place among the best of all time.

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