10 legendary rock bands who made metal albums


No rock band can write the same kind of hook over and over again. Even though you live and breathe every piece of music you make, there comes a time when even you start to get bored with your sound. You’re bound to start looking for new sounds, and each of these acts found their new sound by tapping into something much heavier.

Mind you, all of this isn’t going to give black metal a run for its money or anything. Each of these bands approached heaviness from a different angle, and each of them came away with something that could go hand in hand with traditional metal bands. Then again, metal has a lot of facets too, and when you go through each one, you’ll find different bands of metal used on each of these songs.

For every act that attempts to follow the traditional British heavy metal route, there are those that tap into the world of hair metal or even vague traces of nu metal in the way they detune their guitars. It’s not just the case with those bands going through a phase or whatever. Darkness had always been a part of their soul, and this was only the first time most of us had seen it up close.

Most of the time, the term heavy metal should normally be far from a radius of 8 km around the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Aside from maybe a few parts of the Mother’s Milk album, they were the kind of band that was supposed to be in the funk world for the most part, creating a nice groove that anyone could have a good time with. Things weren’t happy in the Peppers’ world though, and the loss of John Frusciante made for something much grittier on One Hot Minute.

Written in Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction on guitar, most of this album is composed of songs much more angry and tortured than what we are used to, like the opener Warped where everything flies away for the duration of the track , while Flea annihilates his bass strings in the background. While you can still hear the traditional Peppers sound in the background, there’s a lot more dark haze around these songs, which probably wasn’t helped by the fact that most of the band members were relapsing with hard drugs at that time.

If it was their goal to go heavy, Navarro might have been the best guy for the job, coming from guitar-shredding school and pulling off some of the most chaotic solos the band has ever released in the 90s. He may be considered the black sheep of the Peppers’ catalog after John’s return, but the dark version of the Peppers can still throw themselves in whenever they want.

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