10 Most Underrated Members Of Legendary Rock Bands


Have you ever listened to a band and felt like there was only one member of the band doing all the heavy lifting? The other people might be doing their thing on stage, but for some reason everyone’s focus is on the one person who seems to put all the pieces together. They may seem like the leaders, but that doesn’t mean the other members aren’t always important too.

Even though all of these groups clearly have more photogenic people in the group, it’s the members who are much more focused on the music. Seeking to be more set back from everyone else, these are the people who usually have a lot more to do with writing and arranging songs, turning them most of the time into some of the most famous songs in the world. history of rock. .

And for some reason, they never really get their due either, with people simply ignoring their presence or attributing their successes to someone else in the worst of times. It’s not fair at all, so it’s fair to take a look at the forgotten members of these legendary bands and see how much they end up bringing to the table. Because even with a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, there’s so much more to a band than just the guy in front.

As the world grew accustomed to the alternative revolution underway in the 90s, Pantera were one of the few proud bands to fly the metal flag. From the crushing riffs of Dimebag Darrell to the incredible screams of Phil Anselmo, you couldn’t take your eyes off the Walk and Cowboys From Hell videos if you tried. The rhythm section does take some getting used to though, and even then Rex Brown never seems to get Vinnie Paul’s kind of praise.

When everyone talks about how amazing Pantera’s beat sounds, all they do is draw Vinnie’s attention to the details and settle into a groove that sounds like ZZ Top via Slayer. If you listen to what Rex does on the low end, it’s much more interesting than just keeping time, often harmonizing with Dimebag on certain riffs and stretching just when he needs it.

For Rex, however, this kind of thing came naturally, having already had the opportunity to leave the rock star lifestyle in high school to study jazz in college. He stayed in metal though, and the chops behind him even led to rumors that he could have taken over from Jason Newsted once he left Metallica. If Phil was the face of Pantera and Vinnie and Dime were the heart, Rex is the strong backbone that made sure everything gelled.

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