10 of the greatest Australian rock bands of the past decade


If you were to try to put together a list of great Australian rock bands, chances are you would start mentioning classic Australian bands from olden times including AC / DC, Midnight Oil, INXS and many more.

But what about the more modern bands doing their part to put the Australian music scene on the map?

We decided to take a look back at some of the Aussie rock bands that have made a name for themselves over the past decade and who are doing their best to keep the Australian music scene going and keeping their attitude and swagger.


Formed in the middle of the last decade, Kingswood spent a lot of time perfecting his craft before delivering his debut EP, Change of heart, in 2012. Encouraged by the success of their EP, Kingswood quickly entered the studio to refine a first record, Microscopic wars, which was released in 2014. They made a sudden and heavy impact on the local rock scene, and were a natural fit when they were chosen to support AC / DC and even Aerosmith on their Australian tours.

After releasing their second record After hours, near dawn In 2017, Kingswood spent most of the year garnering rave reviews and bringing his show live to fans on his “Kingswoodus Maximus” nationwide tour.

As the album saw them move away from the hard rock that had become their signature, they matured and diversified their sound, which they believe every great rock band should feel free to do – all of it. perfectly captured in this live clip:

Face camp

Only existing for a few years, Camp Cope has quickly grown into one of the best rock bands Australia has to offer. Led by Georgia Maq, the group’s emotional and powerful playing style has won them fans all over the world, even gaining the attention of American punk legends Against Me! who handpicked Camp Cope to support them on their Australian tour earlier this year.

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If that’s what Camp Cope has accomplished in just two years, their future looks pretty darn bright.

Violent soho

If you want to get really Technically, Violent Soho has been around since 2004, but the majority of the band’s success only happened a few years ago. After a few relatively moderate outings, Violent Soho’s Hungry ghost has taken Australian music fans by storm, with tracks like “Covered In Chrome” and “Saramona Said” that have become rock scene anthems.

More recently, WACO saw the band grow from underground legends to chart-topping musicians whose influence is felt everywhere. Needless to say, Violent Soho definitely deserves the success they spent so many years working hard for.

The Preadatures

When The Preatures started in 2010, no one had a clue how cool the band would become. Led by the incredibly charismatic Isabella Manfredi, The Preatures uses influences from actors like The Pretenders and Divinyls to create a brilliantly accessible brand of alternative rock that has been praised by critics around the world.

With a tendency to create some of the most contagious we’ve ever heard in recent years, The Preatures is undoubtedly on its way to becoming one of the biggest names in Aussie rock in no time.

Rays of Death DZ

Since their inception in 2008, DZ Deathrays has been steadily developing their sound to bring rock fans one of the most relentless and heavy gigs of an Australian rock band in quite some time. With just a guitarist and a drummer in the mix, DZ Deathrays manages to release some brilliant tracks that have been melting the faces of live music fans for quite some time now.

With the band’s long-awaited third album on the way, fans are gearing up for another helping of riffs, attitude and hammered beats from one of Brisbane’s coolest rock bands.

Stone field

Okay, you love rock music, but rock music doesn’t have to be booming riffs and screaming vocals, sometimes it’s good to rediscover some of the rock genres that have fallen apart somewhat. After winning the Unearthed High triple j competition in 2010 as Iotah, Stonefield has spent the last few years creating some of the best psychedelic rock tunes from this side of the ’60s.

With influences that include some of rock’s biggest names, the Findlay sisters have even managed to grab the attention of genre legends, being chosen to support Fleetwood Mac on their 2016 Australian tour. It can’t get better than that, isn’t it?

bunch of young people

Gang Of Youths has made almost every Australian rock fan in the country aware with the release of their debut album Posts in 2015. Sporting a unique brand of indie rock mixed with a more wordy and soulful approach, the profile of Gang Of Youths has grown significantly in recent years, with the group having recently taken No. 1 on the ARIA charts with their second recording, Go further in lightness.

With their concerts more resembling a spiritual gathering than a traditional one, Gang Of Youths will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most magnetic and critically acclaimed rock groups to emerge from Sydney in decades. years.

Polish Club

Within a year, Polish Club has grown from one of Australia’s best-kept secrets to one of Australia’s most requested rock duos. Calling themselves “the loudest fucking soul outfit you’ve ever heard,” the Polish club Sydney has spent the last year putting audiences on a frenzied spectacle that couldn’t be duplicated by a band with twice. more members.

With the duo set to release a new EP very soon, and a cleverly named “Christmas in December” tour with West Thebarton of Adelaide taking place at the end of the year, the Polish Club are set to continue their reign as l one of Australia’s most exhilarating duos.

High tension

Formed as a sort of supergroup of some of Australia’s biggest underground rock bands of the day, High Tension has spent the past five years making a name for itself as one of the hardest working and powerful bands on the scene. Australian musical.

Led by the incredibly brutal voice of Karina Utomo, High Tension has turned heads everywhere they go, growing from an underground favorite to one of Australia’s most revered hard-rock groups in just a few short years.

Pomegranate trees

The Adelaide Grenadiers trio have been around for several years now, managing to deliver a unique rock brand that has been influenced by names as heavy and frenetic as Queens Of The Stone Age, The Bronx, Melvins and The Hives. After releasing their second record, Summer, in 2015, the band are currently preparing their third album for release, and fans couldn’t be more thrilled.

With a tendency to offer some of the most breathtaking shows you’ve ever seen, the Grenadiers are one of those rock bands whose live shows should definitely be on any Australian music fan‘s list.

Kingswood ‘Kingswoodus Maximus’ Tour 2017

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Friday 6 October
Metropolis, Fremantle, WA

saturday 7 october
Dunsborough Tavern, Dunsborough, WA

Thursday October 12
Edge Hill Tavern, Cairns, Queensland

Friday 13 October
Dalrymple Hotel, Townsville, QLD

saturday 14 october
Magnums, Airlie Beach, QLD

Sunday October 15
Mount Pleasant Hotel, Mackay, QLD

Friday 20 October
The Met, Brisbane, QLD

saturday 21 october
Neighborhood at night, Gold Coast, Queensland

sunday 22 october
The north, Byron Bay, NSW

Thursday October 26
Coffs Hotel, Coffs Harbor, NSW

Friday October 27
Metro Theater, Sydney, NSW

saturday 28 october
The Long Jetty Hotel, Central Coast, NSW

Friday November 10
Whalers, Warnambool, VIC

saturday 11 november
Fat Controller, Adelaide, SA

Friday November 17th
Salon Karova, Ballarat, VIC

saturday 18 november
Forum Theater, Melbourne, VIC

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