10 Rock Bands That Almost Killed Each Other In The Studio

Making an album should always feel like a labor of love for the musicians involved. Although it can be a bit difficult to capture the final take of your songs, it should never diminish the idea of ​​creating the best work of musical art possible. At the same time, getting the results doesn’t always mean you’re on the best of terms in the end.

In all styles of rock music, people have walked into the studio and left very different people. Whether it’s the grueling task of getting it to tape or the outside drama that creeps across the studio floor, these artists have really had their work cut out for them putting these things together. In the process, fists flew, words were exchanged, and sometimes instruments were broken in the process.

What’s even more unsettling is having the producer in the middle of things, either acting as a moderator of the madness or adding to it in order to get the good magic he wants on the final mix. It did, however, pay off in the long run, with most of them ending up with the best job these acts have ever done. It’s not for the faint of heart, but nothing in rock and roll really is.

After the early 2000s, Slipknot seemed to have done the impossible. By not compromising their sound and becoming even heavier with age, they blew their competitors out of the water and were catapulted into the kings of the metal scene almost overnight. However, going through the touring and album lifestyle will take its toll sooner or later.

Coming Out of Iowa’s Audible Beat, Vol. III shows Slipknot at one of the most fractured points of their careers. While the Iowa tour itself wasn’t much of a walk in the park, their decision to lock themselves up in the Houdini mansion was a headtrip, with members getting high on drugs trying to find sex. new material. It also didn’t help that Rick Rubin’s involvement was a bit lax for Corey Taylor’s liking, claiming that Rubin almost never showed up for the real details.

However, the experimentation in the studio eventually paid off, with Taylor getting sober in the process and landing some of the 9’s most recognizable hooks on songs like Duality and Vermilion. It’s even the album that earned these masked freakshows a Grammy for the single Before I Forget. At a time when the morale of the group was at an all time low, the fact that Slipknot hunkered down and put everything on the table on Vol. III is what helped them survive in the future.

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