10 Rock Bands Who Should Play The Super Bowl Halftime Show


Another Super Bowl, another halftime show devoid of Rock n’ Roll. It’s everyone’s favorite complaint.

It’s really only since 1993 that the Super Bowl has pulled out all the stops for halftime entertainment and booked the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Since then it’s been a steady stream of Top 40, rap and country, with some leftovers added for fans of people actually playing their guitars. (Or at least pretend to play.)

Aerosmith did it in 2001 in a disgraceful co-headlining role with NSYNC. Paul McCartney and the Stones followed in 2005 and 2006 (we’re not counting U2 in 2002). Tom Petty in 2008 then The Who in 2009. And that’s when the Rock Train went completely off the rails.

Unfortunately, the biggest name that should have been on the list below, Van Halen, wouldn’t make sense without Eddie (and Dave just hung up his diamond-encrusted shoes.) But there’s still time to get 10 of these powerful acts on stage. before the NFL embarrasses itself again with another soulless lip-sync nightmare of choreographed trash! Plus a man who could have killed him, but got off the list.

10 Rock Bands Who Should Play The Super Bowl Halftime Show (And 1 Who Shouldn’t)

Hello NFL! Rock music and football CAN go together, you know.

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