10 underrated hard rock bands of the 70s


The 70s were known as one of the golden ages of hard rock music. Once bands like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple came to the fore, the world suddenly craved more rock music centered around hard-hitting riffs and chaotic performances from its members. The period was so concentrated that even some fantastic bands ended up falling through.

While decades past have been made all the more legendary with the nostalgic fan bug, most of the hard rock featured these days tends to cover only the heavy hitters of the genre. However, outside of the hallowed halls of bands like Zeppelin and Aerosmith, other side acts have given the hard rock scene more than their fair share of great music. Whether through the glam, punk or blues genres, these bands marked the glory days of rock.

Some of these groups even influenced later giants of the scene like the grunge and garage rock movements of the 90s and 2000s. Although their legendary status eludes them internationally, these artists deserve to have their names engraved in the monolith of the history of hard rock.

When the punk movement rolled out of New York in the late 70s, many rock fans were surprised by the fast pace of every song. Just across the US, a bunch of misfits decided to take their music to places faster, meaner and louder than the original punk rockers.

The Germs’ music was a beautiful display of mayhem, as the crisp guitars perfectly complimented frontman Darby Crash’s exasperated vocal style. When the band got together to record their only album (GI), it would become one of the pioneering albums of the hardcore punk scene.

However, the band’s fury was not meant to last forever, with Darby Crash overdosing on heroin a year after the release of their debut album. After groping the Los Angeles scene, guitarist Pat Smear found future success as Nirvana’s touring guitarist and eventually Foo Fighters guitarist. Thanks to their affiliation with the titans of alternative rock, The Germs are now beginning to generate a healthy lifespan as one of the craziest punk bands to come out of Los Angeles. Although the band’s time together produced musical magic, The Germs started a fire that was extinguished far too quickly.

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