12 hard rock bands that managed to never sell


When you first form a group, no one really cares what happens later. Once you play with your friends for the first time, you are all united by the pure love of making music. Once you’ve become famous, it’s easier to listen to the paycheck rather than your muse.

You might think you’re in control of your craft, but the conversation changes once you engage costumed people with royalty checks. It can be fun to broaden your creative vision, but most of the time these costumes are looking for someone they can market in some way. Your average band may end up following the advice of these bands, but that usually means their music is a lot smoother and a lot less interesting. Not with these artists though …

In a company that has had its share of artistic losses, these groups have managed to maintain their credibility without alienating their fans. Some of these groups have even gone out of their way to externally oppose these money-hungry leaders in the music business while continuing to expand into larger musical territory. The legacy of these acts proves that when it comes to music, it is better to go with your guts than with the sum of money in front of you.

When the Ramones burst onto the New York club scene, change was in the air. After years of getting bogged down in progressive rock and heavy metal, these four Manhattan street rats brought rock and roll back to its roots with three chord jams that would kick off the movement. punk rock.

So that means these guys ended up with big rock star houses like every other classic rock band, right? Nah … it’s not really their bag. Instead of moving into posh territory and writing more noble songs, the Ramones always stuck to their guns when it came to writing rock songs that were short and to the point.

Contrary to what many people believe, the actual sound of the band has changed dramatically over the years, with the band dipping their toes into everything from hard rock to pop to heavy metal on some of their later works. Sure, they might have songs that are still played on the radio to this day, but the band used the rest of their careers to build on their momentum with any genre that suited them.

Even if you’re sick of “Blitzkrieg Bop,” the Ramones have earned the accolade of receiving so much fan praise and deserving every moment.

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