[ad_1] Boo Hag, Graveyard (self-published) Find it: boohagmusic.com It’s a classic conundrum for most rock bands, but it’s especially acute for a minimalist, garage-oriented rock band like Boo Hag: where exactly are we going? The Columbia duo seemed to burst onto the stage fully formed, with protean guitar riffs, thunderingRead More →

[ad_1] The 70s were known as one of the golden ages of hard rock music. Once bands like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple came to the fore, the world suddenly craved more rock music centered around hard-hitting riffs and chaotic performances from its members. The period was so concentrated thatRead More →

[ad_1] The violin is a very versatile instrument. Centuries ago, the violin was mostly seen in courts and orchestras. However, over time the violin has evolved and been incorporated into emerging musical genres. As modern artists dabbled in classical instruments and expanded its use into the realm of rock, theRead More →