[ad_1] Rock and roll is a genre that too often tends to become Americanized. Although rock has spread to all corners of the world, the United States has always embraced the musical genre as its own. As far as America brought to rock, the genre actually hardened once it hitRead More →

[ad_1] While Korean rock music has been largely overshadowed in recent years by the vibrant world of K-pop idols and the burgeoning Korean hip-hop scene, that’s not to say the genre has little to offer in comparison. In fact, there are many hidden (as well as not so hidden) gemsRead More →

[ad_1] A band is like being in a wedding. Throughout a musical career, these members must depend on each other, get along, and stay true to their loved ones until death do you part. While many groups have repeatedly called divorce attorneys, there’s something to be said for the groupsRead More →