Rock music has always been a way for people to express their strongest feelings, thoughts and desires, artists and listeners. It’s something that has remained consistent in the genre. Amunda band member Paul Ah Chee says their song lyrics are just a reflection of what we see and what affectsRead More →

The ’80s started a trend for independent rock groups to find their place, with REM and Sonic Youth both becoming quite successful after initially gaining critical acclaim. But the model of independent rock bands becoming truly recognized didn’t solidify until the early 1990s, with the grunge movement and other eccentricRead More →

[Photos via False Heads/Spotify, Pleasure Venom/Spotify, Miss Vincent/Spotify, Pinkshift/Mary-Ellen Davis] If the sonorous inclinations of the new alternative the bands are an indication, pop-punk is not dead and neither punk rock. Whether through the continued influence of traditional groups or experimental infusions through gender outfits, the punk sound is stillRead More →