It’s easy to think that Utah’s sculptural red rock towers are immobile, if not immovable. Yet the rock towers twist, sway and sway imperceptibly in response to vibrations and seismic activity. Recently graduated geophysics student from the University of Utah Riley Finnegan measured the ambient vibrations of 14 large-scale structuresRead More →

Science fiction and fantasy seem to be the go-to genres in the anime world. But the anime industry is much more diverse than that as it incorporates other elements such as romance, drama, and even music. In fact, the fascination with rock in Japan is such that there’s no shortageRead More →

If you’re of a certain vintage, you’ll have fond memories of music television. Entire stations were devoted to airing accompanying videos for many of the most popular new songs: from straightforward performances to those that challenged the medium with appropriate stories or imagery to accentuate the song’s themes. However, beforeRead More →