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These three groups could be the next Nirvana.

It’s been a long time since Nirvana reached fame on the heels of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and their album. It does not matter brought the alternative and grunge to the forefront of the rock world. But since? There hasn’t really been a big rock band that screams superstar. Here are three new bands that are making noise on the rock scene with their latest albums. One of them just might be the next big thing. (I have a soft spot for Plague Vendor, personally.)

Plague merchant

Do you like noise attacks? This is your group. Plague Vendor rock and groove, but with a punk rock vibe. Their new album, blood sweat (2016), is equal parts fury and finesse, combining ’80s New Wave and’ 90s rock sensibility – a cross between Depeche Mode and AC / DC. Check out “Jezebel” and “Ox Blood” à la Strokes, which breathe Jack White and, dare I say, Iggy Pop. The Whittier, Calif. Based band, which formed in 2009, performed throughout Southern California to perfect their sound and stage presence before releasing their debut album, Free to eat, in 2014. The four-man group dubbed their aggressive, pulsating, and dance-inducing music “voodoo punk” – outlaw recklessness embodied in singer Brandon Blaine’s supernatural howl. Plague Vendor is touring the United States in September and October.

Bring me the horizon

This rock band from Sheffield, South Yorkshire evolved from their early deathcore roots, adopting a more mainstream but still eclectic style on their fourth album. Eternal (2013) brings a unique mark of heaviness, but with almost a pop-opera touch. “Can You Feel My Heart, ”the album’s first single, is a scream to humanity – a star-studded metalcore melody of extreme highs and lows with an emphasis on keyboards and reflecting a recent line-up change. (guitarist Jona Weinhofen has left and keyboardist Jordan Fish has joined). Vocalist Oliver Sykes, guitarist Lee Malia and drummer Matt Nicholls formed the group in 2004 when they were between 15 and 17 years old. Their music is bombastic, a shattering moan, but soft and melodic at the same time. The group’s name comes from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie in which Jack Sparrow says, “Now bring me the horizon.”

A day to remember

The sound of A Day to Remember spans the gamut from dazzling punk to pop-punk to metalcore, layering the best of each on a rock’n’roll foundation. Formed in 2004, the five-piece band from Ocala, Florida wrote the music for Bad vibes (2016) in a cabin at Horsetooth Reservoir, near Fort Collins, Colorado. It was the first time they had come together as a group to write songs since their second effort, For those who have a heart (2007). A Day to Remember is punk rock, but so much more. The frenetic guitar from the first single, “Bad Vibrations” sets a frenetic pace, and frontman Jeremy McKinnon sees the band returning to their roots. They are currently on tour until October 19 – find them at festivals and clubs in the US and Canada.

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