6 great modern rock bands you’ve probably never heard of


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Rock is not dead. It’s certainly not a massive cultural force like it used to be, but there are plenty of bands carrying on the best traditions of the genre, although they often do so outside the limelight. These modern-day rock bands might not top the Billboard charts or perform with Miley Cyrus at VMAs, but they’re still worth listening to and loving. Here are six great modern rock bands you’ve probably never heard of.

1. Truckers at the wheel

Often labeled as southern rock or even alternative country, the Drive-By Truckers have been producing guitar-centric records since 1998 that combine creative riffs with complex, often historic storytelling, without a significant drop in quality throughout their long career. . Their best albums are cohesive statements that draw on the unique talents of singer-songwriters Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley, as well as band members Shonna Tucker and Jason Isbell. They have tried their hand at country, soul, and folk over the years, but their music still sounds serious and unpretentious, even as they embrace the power of guitar solos and rock operas. Start with Decoration day Where Go-Go Boots and go from there.

2. Electric Six

Electric Six is ​​best known for the singles “Gay Bar” and “Danger! High Voltage “from their debut album, but the band have continued to produce quality albums ever since. Their music blurs the line between parody and affectionate homage to the dumbest rock music trends, mixing absurd lyrics and laziness. Vocal boast of singer Dick Valentine with surprisingly catchy hooks. It’s arena rock, if arena rock knew how silly it was. Beyond the ironic sensibility, the band are always up for grabs. push its sound to find creative directions, often featuring new-wave style synthesizers, with each new record. Try listening Flashy and Zodiac without getting at least one melody in your head.

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