8 rock groups with one member


There is always a sense of camaraderie in a touring rock band. No matter how many people are in the band, it always comes down to a big musical family doing their best to make sure they give the best of themselves to the audience. At least that’s what it looks like on the surface.

Instead of the usual sibling group mentality that comes from all other rock bands, most artists have managed to make their own minds out of being just one person. Instead of just trying to become a solo star, each of these artists thrived on the creative process, looking to go haywire in the studio, then bring in a full band as they recreate it all live. In this regard, the group is not a necessity but more or less an additional group of friends to bring from time to time.

From the sound of the records, these artists don’t really need the other musicians, but use them as a way to feel together like a rock and roll band on tour. I mean, you can never trust anyone in the music industry so why not try and do it all yourself, right?

Getting by on your own after being part of a huge rock band is one of the most daunting endeavors a rock star can take. Not only do you need to re-establish yourself as a creative force all on your own, but you also need to make sure that what you are doing sounds very different from your previous outfit. As far as something like Rainbow should have failed, Ritchie Blackmore unpacked his guitar and embarked on unknown quests.

Throughout Rainbow’s tenure, Blackmore has always been the band’s one constant, going so far as to call out Ritchie Blackmore’s debut album Rainbow to hammer the point. It’s not like the rest of the instruments are in shaking hands or anything, with sidekicks like Ronnie James Dio, Joe Lynn Turner and even old Deep Purple alumnus Roger Glover finding their way into programming over the years.

Whichever version you find them in, Blackmore is always the supervisor of what the band does, ranging from Renaissance style music in their prime with Stargazer to more pop hard rock on songs like Stone Cold and Street of. Dreams. While Blackmore may have moved to the countryside to play more medieval music these days, Rainbow is still an institution that demands respect from rock fans … a man starting from scratch and building an empire.

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