A wide variety of rock bands will play at the Atomic Garden of Mallorca in October


A popular rock festival returns with an explosion of different styles of rock music!

A rock festival will return to Mallorca in October after being canceled for two years due to pandemic restrictions.

Atomic Garden will be held the last weekend of October in Palma de Mallorca on October 29. The festival offers an exciting lineup to delight any rock fan, including many fusion styles, blending rock with other musical genres. Organizers aim to include a wide variety of rock styles so fans can experiment more with their tastes.

This year’s festival will be presented by Madrid-based punk rock band ‘Biznaga’, who draw inspiration from British rock bands such as ‘The Clash’ and ‘The Buzzcocks’. The headliner of the festival will also be the Barcelona group ‘Serpent’. Formed in 2016, the group also has a punk rock style with lots of emotion in their songs.

Local bands “The Distance”, with a distinctive “scream” rock style, “NITA”, which combines pop and rock styles, and punk rock band “La Rage”, are also confirmed in this year’s lineup.

The festival is open to everyone, but those under 17 must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets are now available for purchase online at: https://megaentradas.com/evento/atomic-festival-2022?fbclid=IwAR0Vdo-uCqTuQ48hb_kNfWmqRjsWpnCSWNFLEHZkl6yrKEkerMOIh3w6IUg

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