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FORT WAYNE, Indiana (ADAMS) – The Allen County Public Library Board met in special session on Wednesday.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide an update on CPRA’s facilities master plan and to share feedback the library has received from the community regarding CPRA’s facility upgrades.

During the special session, CPRA Executive Director Susan Baier provided a summary of comments and questions regarding each branch, as well as the main library.

The library obtained feedback from the 5 open days it held in January and February, as well as 1,300 responses to a public survey. Baier also shared the results of a survey question that asked respondents how likely they were to support a bond for CPRA to renovate, expand and/or construct new buildings and facilities.

Some of the key questions CPRA sought to answer during the process were:
 What services does CPRA currently not offer that you think we should change and how might our facilities need to change to offer these services?
 Can our current facilities meet the needs of our community? Should we have additional branches? Should any of our existing branches be bigger?
 What steps should CPRA take with its facilities to meet the needs of the community?

The majority of respondents indicated that they were somewhat or very likely to support a bonding initiative. “I feel like the comments we’re seeing reflect the diversity of perspectives on our branches and how people use our library locations,” Baier said. “We can continue to meet the varied needs of our customers by adopting a ‘yes and’ approach. We can provide spaces for a wide variety of library materials, meeting rooms, spaces for children and families, and technology. “I’ve enjoyed hearing from our community about what they want to see from their libraries, and I look forward to working together to realize that vision,” said Baier.

The CPRA Board of Directors will receive the final version of the plan during a special meeting scheduled for April 7, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

Information on the facility’s master plan can be found here.

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