Bring Me The Horizon: the modern rock headliner Reading Festival has been waiting for


Reading Festival has long been shamed for moving away from intense rock headliners, but that couldn’t be more wrong after Bring Me The Horizon took the stage at 8.20pm on Saturday 27th August.

It was a place that was long overdue for rockers from Sheffield, who have had to fight constantly to prove their place within the rock and metal community since 2004. Being pioneers of experimentation within the UK rock community , and doing so with little care for the thrashings of rock fans, Bring Me The Horizon have managed to become one of the most exciting bands on the scene. Each release brings something new to their discography, and their title track was the perfect fusion of their 18-year career.

Bring Me The Horizon brought all the energy they had accumulated to prepare for arguably the biggest gig of their crazy career so far. Bursting through their hits Can you feel my heart, happy song and Tearscircular pits and walls of death prominent in every crowd track, rock hasn’t been livelier on the main stage in years, and that was just three songs. Oli Sykes holds such phenomenal control over the audience, albeit with a lot of intense encouragement. “Push it back you f***** gpssys” isn’t something most other headliners would shout, but it’s definitely not a BMTH show without being called apssy by Sheffield’s best rock star.

As the intensity continued to ripple through the setlist with B-sides such as Dear Diary, Kingslayer and the classic Bring Me The Horizon 2013 Shadow Moses, the band took a few moments to really bring the headliner to the intimacy felt during their arena shows. Heartfelt talk about how this job and the fans behind it really saved Oli ahead of their future emo bop DIE4U, acoustic vocals It’s the Spirit album track follow you and moments as intimate as Oli burst into the crowd, handing out high-fives, hugs and forehead kisses. Showing genuine love and appreciation to the people who have lifted you to greater heights than you could ever have dreamed of is about as metallic as it gets. Truly.

As the confetti fell as the crowd and band united to Throne, happiness across everyone can only be described as a “they made it” moment. It may have been the first, but it certainly won’t be the last time that Bring Me The Horizon will headline the Reading Festival.

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