Mayonnaise and 647 cover “Fearless” by Taylor Swift. Image: screenshot from YouTube / Mayonnaise PH Alternative rock bands Mayonnaise and 647 gave fans their own take on Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” amid the release of the pop star’s re-recorded “Fearless” album. The two groups collaborated during Mayonnaise’s weekly “TBT” (ThrowbackRead More →

There is always a sense of camaraderie in a touring rock band. No matter how many people are in the band, it always comes down to a big musical family doing their best to make sure they give the best of themselves to the audience. At least that’s what itRead More →

The world of rock and roll has never been known for its intellectual side so often. While you have more cerebral material from artists like Radiohead and The Beatles, 99% of what actually gets on the radio tends to respond to something that’s fairly easy to understand. Then again, evenRead More →