Classic rock: the Men In Black are back in Danbury


It seems odd to say that a group of rock musicians in their sixties “come out of their comfort zone” playing a concert of songs from the 1960s and 1970s. But that is exactly what is happening on Saturday night in Danbury for the group Men In Black, which generally plays a more 90’s atmosphere.

“We’re literally making songs that we’ve never done before, or not since 1991 (when the band was formed),” Danbury attorney and singer Brad Dunlap said. “A tribute to the 60s and 70s with Creedence, Hendrix, the Beatles… There are so many different directions we could take. You must have a Dylan song. You could be there for hours paying homage to everyone.

The first set will consist of songs from the 60s and the second set of songs from the 70s.

“Some of them will sound exactly like the original and others will carry our special stamp,” says Dunlap. “For example, ‘Ring of Fire’ is a Johnny Cash song from the 60’s but we play a very 90’s version. And we do the arrangement of the Foo Fighters of ‘Baker Street.’

He adds that Men In Black is promoting itself as “the first fully vaccinated repeat group of the triad.” “We are so happy to play again. Before the start of the pandemic, we were in very good shape. Now it’s like starting over from scratch.

“We’re all in our sixties and we still love to do that,” bassist Bob Norris said with a shrug. “It’s interesting putting on this show.”

“It’s always fun playing here since most of us are from here,” said drummer Keith Farmer of Germanton. “We did a Tom Petty tribute show two years ago in Danbury and it was well received.”

“It’s so wonderful in Danbury and the work (art director) Eddy (McGee) is doing,” Dunlap adds. “I went to see the Nelson’s and talked to them after the show and told them they bring legitimacy to The Arts Place. It helps everyone to have well known artists like that.

The group relies heavily on lead guitarist Joe Terrell. “If Joe isn’t here, it doesn’t work,” said Jeff Haney, the new member of the group who plays guitar and keyboard.

“I wanted to call the band The Joe Terrell Project but they opposed it,” Dunlap adds.

Farmer says the set list will include a pair of Beatles songs: a first song, “I Saw Her Standing There,” then a later song, “Come Together,” “Which is not that far from what we are talking about. would do “. said the farmer. “We all love The Beatles, but we hadn’t thought of Men In Black playing Beatles tunes. Jeff and I are much more 1960s oriented.

Dunlap and Farmer agree that the tricky part is learning the harmonies that were so common in songs of the 1960s.

Dunlap also said the plan was to bring original band member Larry Hincher on stage to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary, and invite special guest Doug Davis to join in the finale.

Dunlap said Doug made a solo album during the pandemic months and would open the show.

“I look forward to Saturday’s show,” said Davis. “Earlier this year, I quietly released a solo album called ‘Small Stars’, a collection of mostly acoustic and quite intimate songs. This Saturday will be the first in a small series of shows to promote the album. I have a small acoustic group that will play with me, and we’ll play the entire album, plus a handful of covers to complete the show.

Upcoming Men In Black dates include the October 2 pre-game show for the Louisville football game in Wake Forest and then at the Palmetto Theater in Walnut Cove on November 6.

The concert is scheduled for Saturday at 6 p.m. at Place des Arts. Tickets cost $ 10; call 336-593-8159 or visit for ticket information.

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