Dirty Honey + Mammoth WVH Singers Explain Rock Band Scarcity


One of the most anticipated touring couples of 2022 saw Dirty Honey and Mammoth WVH hit the road together. It sounds like a perfect fit, but the two acts revealed that it wasn’t exactly easy to find other new rock ‘n’ roll bands to tour with.

Dirty Honey singer Marc LaBelle told radio host Carlota for the Audacy recording“It’s been a bit difficult to find bands to hang out with just because rock bands have become so rare.”

He then recalled going to see Mammoth WVH before agreeing to tour together and finding out they had a related style. “When we saw [Mammoth WVH] playing in Philadelphia, it was pretty obvious it was going to be a really cool thing to do and take on the road and cross the country,” LaBelle said. “The biggest thing was really seeing him with his band and they kicked ass and it really showed some optimism for the future of rock ‘n’ roll.”

When asked by the host why there aren’t more direct rock ‘n’ roll bands today, LaBelle replied, “I just think it’s a by-product of today’s society. how easy it is to fix things on your computer today and you can pretend to be good at an instrument with a few simple edits and ProTools and all that. In fact, it takes time to be really good into something and I think people aren’t as motivated to put the time into it.”

Wolfgang then added, “And coupling that with the fact that it’s not the prettiest of the ball when it comes to the most popular genres available right now. You mix that up and it’s kind of a losing game for people who aren’t very passionate about it.”

After having to juggle to start the race, Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey will kick off their 2022 “Young Guns” co-headline tour on February 20 in Denver, with dates currently booked through mid-April. To verify Mammoth WVH and dirty honeyfor ticketing information.

Marc LaBelle of Dirty Honey and Wolfgang Van Halen of Mammoth WVH speak with Carlota of Audacy Check In

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