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During his rich career, Bob Dylan was inspired by many things – but who knew two of those things were coffee and Munchkins?

On the dedication page of the legendary singer-songwriter’s new book, The Philosophy of Modern SongDylan offers a “special thank you” to “the entire crew of Dunkin’ Donuts”. The Boston Globe reports that Dylan’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, has confirmed that images of the page circulating are legitimate, telling the newspaper, “The line ‘all Dunkin’ Donuts crew’ appears on the dedication page. We cannot offer any other information.

According The globethe book has been in the works since 2010. The newspaper speculates that’s why the 81-year-old entertainer called the chain Dunkin’ Donuts and not its current name, Dunkin’, which he adopted in 2018.

The globe also notes that Dylan primarily lives in Malibu, California when not on the road, and that there are a number of nearby Dunkin locations. And, The globe notes, “Dylan spends much of the year on tour, where he’s presumably sampled Dunkin’ beers all over the world (of which there are plenty).”

But like so many other facts about Bob Dylan, the details of his Dunkin’ order—black coffee? A dozen Munchkins? Pumpkin spice cold brew? – will remain a mystery for now.

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