Donald Glover’s Favorite Classic Rock Album


If there’s one figure who can skip the notion of hindsight and quite comfortably assert himself as a “renaissance man”, then it’s Donald Glover. Known to some as rapper Childish Gambino and to others as Lando Calrissian, the phenomenally versatile actor, rapper, producer and creator, Glover has earned a fandom as rich and textured as his wallet.

Never sticking to any one art form, Glover has carved out a career in both music and film by owning the most vital of things; aptitude. Never discouraged by denial, Glover often struggled to make his voice heard as he rose in the dual industries. Eventually, finding fame and notoriety in both fields, as a rapper and musician under the moniker Childish Gambino and through countless prominent on-screen roles, Glover forged his own path and on his own terms.

Since gaining such worldwide recognition for his work, Glover has chosen his projects carefully, even suggesting that he has now retired his Childish Gambino moniker in favor of more successful prospects. Everything points to an incredibly selective artist in what he puts his name to. It makes the fact that he once chose five albums he couldn’t live without all the more tantalizing.

Among the selection given to Toronto Sun were more obvious choices, including Stevie Wonder’s magnanimous Songs in the key of life and the thoughts of the talented Lauryn Hill and her trademark record The bad education of Lauryn Hill. Acknowledging his generational standing, he couldn’t ignore the wonderful talent of Fiona Apple and her seminal LP When the pawn strikes strifeand the talented Glover also paid tribute to Kanye West My beautiful dark twisted fantasy. But perhaps his most unexpected choice was Pink Floyd’s Mercurial. The dark side of the moon.

Of course, if Glover chooses a classic prog-rock album for you, you haven’t really paid attention to it. Glover has always endowed himself with a wide range of influences and inspirations, so it only makes sense that the same spectrum would be available when selecting his most treasured artistic moments. Although Glover and the psychedelic rock outfit are not expected to be special bedfellows, it is clear that Glover respects craftsmanship in all its forms and has chosen the incredible effort The Dark Side of the Moonwhich ranks among the best Pink Floyd albums of all time.

Although he didn’t explain much to the publication about why he would be taking this LP with him to the next must-see world, he did provide a precursor to his selection, simply stating, “It’s really intense. .” While this likely ties into the excessive stress of having to choose her all-time favorite albums, chances are it also reflects the space-age drama contained within the 1973 LP.

Listen to Donald Glover’s favorite classic rock record, Pink Floyd’s, below. The Dark Side of the Moon.

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