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When the Rolling Stones announced earlier this month that their longtime partner Steve Jordan would replace Charlie Watts on drums for upcoming ‘No Filter’ concerts, with the latter recovering from a ‘procedure’ Undisclosed, there was a collective breathing. by longtime fans of the group. Watts was 80 years old after all, was his time with “the world’s greatest rock and roll band” over?

Last Tuesday gave the unfortunate response, as the core Stones member died surrounded by family and close friends after battling an undisclosed illness. Along with frontman Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards and longtime guitarist Ronnie Wood, Watts was the person audiences have come to see in recent years.

It was slightly amusing to see the hyperbole of media like Rolling Stone magazine, which called Watts a “drum god” in their misguided dedication to the fallen stickman, but that doesn’t take away from what he brought no only to her chosen outfit, but rock and roll in general. Simply put, Charlie Watts was the backbone of the Rolling Stones. He wasn’t flashy like Keith Moon from The Who or as bombastic as John Bonham from Led Zeppelin, but he was just as good.

Think about your favorite songs from the band; whether it’s the quick snare click of “Paint it Black”, the blues backbeat of “Honky Tonk Women” or the swagger of the deep cut “Stray Cat Blues”. In the center of the stage was Charlie Watts, and the tracks where he was not? He held it all together like no one else could.

Watts was not a “drum god”, but he was the backbone of the Stones. He was the engine that made them buzz, long after they were numbered, as his foundation reminded everyone why they enjoyed the group in the first place. And no one could – or can – do better.

Steve Jordan will do a good job as an already approved top hitter in place of Watts. The “No Filer” tour – which arrived at Linc in 2019 – will continue, as the Stones are a brand, perhaps bigger than any of its members. But they won’t take away the soul, smirk, or feel of the person who sat in the front seat.

Charlie Watts once said when he took his place in the kit, it led to “four decades of seeing Mick’s butt run in front of me.” Now the rest of the Stones are watching him. Rest in peace Charlie, you are the one who started everyone.


Keep an eye out for this place as each week we will be reviewing new or forthcoming vinyls from a variety of artists. It could be a repress of a historical recording, a special edition or a new collection of a legendary act. This week is the widely acclaimed second album from a Britpop / alt-rock specialist group.


Originally released in April 1997 and acclaimed by critics and commerce, “In It for the Money” saw “Supergrass reach number two on the charts in England, rising there to platinum status and selling over one million copies worldwide “. Not available since its initial release, it now sees an Extended Edition in vinyl format – and more.

‘In It for the Money’ saw ‘Supergrass reach number two on the charts in England, rising to platinum status there and selling over a million copies worldwide. (Photo courtesy of Michael Christopher)

Shedding their skin as the audience of cheerful children met on their teenage debut “I Should Coco,” her sequel “In It for the Money” was dark, perverse, and bristling with barely suppressed anger. This is the sound of Supergrass creating a world that is reassuring, normal and incredibly eerie at the same time.

To crystallize this daring and assured stage of their debut, with “In It for the Money”, the group was performing now. Adding to the hit singles “Going Out” (UK # 5), the dark, dense and heavy “Richard III” (UK # 2), “Sun Hits the Sky” (UK # 10) and the lush and languid nostalgia of ” Late In the Day ”(UK # 18), the LP also spawned a series of classic videos in its wake.

This brand new expanded edition of “In It for the Money” features remastered sound from an analog tape on 180 gram black vinyl and 140 gram turquoise vinyl. The LP also includes the 12 “” Sun Hits the Sky (Bentley Rhythm Ace Remix) “/” The Animal “single on 140 gram white vinyl. And for those who want the compact disc, this one includes 43 tracks over two CDs of B-sides, rarities, previews and live tracks, many of which are unreleased.

The expanded edition of “In It for the Money” can be found online and in the stores of all respectable retailers that sell vinyl.

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