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Movie theater popcorn actually costs more than filet mignon…

Here are some fun facts to help you get through the day and look like the most knowledgeable person at the water cooler…

Fun (and less fun) facts:

  • Silverfish can survive without food for over 300 days if water is available.
  • There hasn’t been a president with facial hair since William Howard Taft from 1908 to 1912. . he had a mustache.
  • Popcorn in a movie theater costs more per ounce than filet mignon.
  • 10% of Canadians visit Florida each year.
  • For almost every species on Earth, once females are no longer able to give birth, they DIE. There are only three exceptions: killer whales, pilot whales and humans.

(Penn State / Bro Council / ABC News / Politifact / London Times)

Weird and trending news:

  • There’s a new list of foods that kids are picky about, and the top five are: Brussels sprouts. . . mushrooms . . . Olives. . . onions . . . and prawns. A few others on the list are: Couscous. . . peas . . . and eggs. (Full story)
  • In a survey, 20% of Millennials say they learned LAUNDRY by reading tips on social media and watching tutorials. (Full story)
  • A Connecticut auto mechanic found a large art collection in a dumpster in 2017. Today, an expert says they’re worth “millions” of dollars. (Full story)
  • A restaurant in Alabama sells 24-karat gold chicken wings. Depending on the menu, a wing will set you back $19.99. The combined accord of golden wings. . . 12 wings, fries and a drink. . . is $99. (Full story)
  • A woman in Alabama says she is suing a construction company after she mistakenly demolished her grandparents’ house earlier this year. No one was there at the time, luckily. (Full story)
  • British police are looking for a MAYONNAISE thief. He reportedly fled with a shopping cart full of Hellmann’s. (Full story)
  • The TSA recently arrested a man at a Boston airport security checkpoint. . . because he had a SWORD in his CANE. He told them that he had recently bought the cane and he didn’t know there was a sword in it. (Full story)
  • There was a MASSIF cheese theft in the Netherlands last month. (Full story)

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