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The guy who invented the Keurig K-cup coffee system is kicking himself for a few reasons…

Here are some fun facts to help you get through the day and look like the most knowledgeable person at the water cooler…

Fun (and less fun) facts:

  • “Bookkeeper” is the only unhyphenated English word that has three consecutive double letters.
  • Stop signs were originally yellow. . . red did not become the standard color until 1954.
  • There are words in the Oxford English Dictionary that have no vowels but have other letters that make vowels, such as TV or nth. There is only one word without a vowel OR a vowel sound: psst.
  • Remember the 80s hit ” Mickey ” by Toni Basil? “Oh Mickey, you’re so good, you’re so good, you’re blowing my mind”? She was dressed as a high school cheerleader in the video, but she was 39 when ” Mickey ” has been freed. She is 78 now.
  • The guy who invented the Keurig K-cup coffee system sold his stake in the company for $50,000 in 1997. Now he says he regrets inventing it in the first place because little cups are terrible for the environment and the machines are far too expensive.

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Weird and trending news:

  • A man in Japan was alone in a park feeding a stray cat when two guys approached. One of them shouted: “What [heck] do you think you do to my wife? (???) Then they started attacking him. The guy was not injured and the attackers were later arrested by the police. (Full story)
  • Meat is expensive. . . but that didn’t stop someone in the UK from trashing cars with raw meat. (???) Lamb chops were stuffed into a car’s exhaust pipe. . . and another vehicle was hit with a chicken drumstick. (Full story)
  • According to a new study, millionaires tend to be more outgoing, risk-tolerant, conscientious and emotionally stable than poorer people. Awesome. (Full story)
  • Spicy Chicken McNuggets are back at select McDonald’s restaurants. (Full story)
  • And speaking of McDonald’s, they’ve turned their crispy chicken sandwiches into RUGS you can actually buy. They cost $65. (Full story)
  • An optical illusion is going viral online, which appears to show six women. . . but only five pairs of legs. (Full story)
  • There is a downside to empowering workers. According to a new study, this can lead to “unethical behavior without good leadership.” (Full story)
  • A “landmark study” found that people who live in homes with handguns are killed by guns at a higher rate than people who don’t have guns in their homes. (Full story)

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