John Frusciante discusses the challenges of returning to rock music with RHCP


“I was sitting there with the guitar thinking I hadn’t written rock music in so long. Could I still do this?”

Published on February 07, 2022

John Frusciante is back! With Red Hot Chili Peppers having released the pirate-influenced single “Black Summer” ahead of the new album Unlimited lovethe band shed light on the guitarist’s return.

For Frusciante, the return to guitar-based rock music is a major about-face after a long period of focusing on electronic solo music (including the excellent 2020 jungle album Maya).

“Flea had put the idea [of rejoining] in my head and I was sitting there with the guitar thinking I hadn’t written rock music in so long,” Frusciante said. NME. “Can I still do this?

According to the rest of the band, he didn’t have too much trouble fitting in. The group has written 100 new songs – 17 of which appear on universal loveand Flea acknowledged that the sessions with John went more smoothly than those with former guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.

“Artistically, in terms of being able to speak the same way [musical] language, it was easier to work with John,” said Flea.

Kiedis added that at the time Frusciante joined Klinghoffer, the writing sessions with Klinghoffer weren’t going too well: “It was going slowly and without any real definitive momentum. It was just kind of meandering. And then Flea and I had an air of time of a feeling inside ourselves regardless which was, ‘It would be really nice to involve John somehow in this process.’ It’s been a long time and he’s making himself known again in our circles after being in his own circle.”

universal love will be released on April 1.

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