Lisa Berigan: DC Rocks Queen’s Classic Rock Radio Living On Music

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Nowadays, the options available to people for listening to music are vast. Music streams everywhere, the sources for finding any song, any album, are available in a multitude of overwhelming ways. But that hasn’t stopped terrestrial radio – where content is broadcast by a terrestrial radio station and received locally as in every radio station we have all known and loved for decades – from continuing to be a force and a force. presence in people’s lives despite the many musical options. And DC-based BIG 100 is no exception, classic rock is still alive and well and continues to positively bring music and related information to the people of DC, Maryland and Virginia who still yearn for this radio sensation.

Long-time host of the BIG 100 at noon Lisa Berigan, who joins Steve Houk on Living On Music this Monday at age 7, has been a strong and respected mainstay of the DC-area radio world for over 15 years, and knows that while terrestrial radio continues to grow. before, you have to continue to develop yourself and develop new ways of existing if you want to stay true to the radio life.

“I think you always have to evolve, and I think that’s what we are seeing on radio right now, an evolution,” said Berigan, who has worked in radio for over 25 years with previous concerts in Philadelphia, Chicago and Seattle. among other markets. “I don’t just do the radio show, I do podcasting, I host a ‘Live In Concert’ radio show broadcast across the country, I am on social media, I do interviews, I am in the community hosting events I think even if there are other things that people have discovered, other platforms, they are still going to come back to their local radio station.

Lisa Berigan presents Cheap Trick at Jiffy Lube Live in 2016 (photo courtesy Lisa Berigan)

Over time, Berigan has attracted a dedicated following during his long career at the BIG 100, and this ever-evolving bond with his rock fan base has been a very important part of his career. “I feel like I have a personal connection with my listeners. My show is interactive, I’m always someone you can call on the phone and request a song, we’re on social media, I’m here next to you, I’m jumping up and down screaming at Jiffy’s gig Lube Live. I would like to think I am their friend and I am grateful that my listeners stay with me.

Lisa Berigan with rock legends Aerosmith (photo courtesy Lisa Berigan)

Another positive element of Berigan’s classic rock world is the loyalty she elicits among those who had radio as a staple of their youth, which includes the music she and her colleagues play every day. “I think I’m lucky to be in the classic rock format, most of my listeners grew up with local radio, whereas a teenager today might think radio is not. also important to them. Radio has always been so important to people my age, I think it’s always going to be an important part of our lives.


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