Lydia Can’t Breathe Brings More Central Florida Rock Bands to Brass Mug in Tampa


lydiacantbreathe / Facebook

Central Florida Rock Group Lydia can’t breathe brings her heavy styles to the brass mug for the show hosted by Rockstar Lifestyle magazine in St. Pete.

Born in 2005, Lydia has consistently released punchy alternative metal, Kyle Bolduc’s voice oscillating between Mike Patton-style rhymes and death metal cries.

Opening bands include Ocala Band M99, Alachua County Metal Band Shadow The Earth, and Tampa Level the Planet rockers. It’s definitely some sort of earplug party, which is usually the case at the Skipper Road site.

Speaking of breathing, CL has contacted Mug regarding his COVID-19 protocols and will update this overview online with any response.

Lydia cannot breathe with M99 / Shadow the Earth / Level the Planet. Saturday April 10, 6:30 p.m. $ 12. Brass Mug, Tampa INFO

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