Major Rock Bands Just Canceled Performances In Bad Weather


A massive music festival in Daytona Beach, Florida canceled some of its biggest sets over the weekend due to inclement weather, leaving thousands of fans disappointed. The Welcome to Rockville festival would have included headlining performances from Korn, Breaking Benjamin and other beloved bands in the hard rock and heavy metal genres. According to a report by strong wiremany Friday and Saturday night performances were canceled at the last minute.

Daytona Beach and other surrounding areas of Florida are currently being hit with bizarre forms of extreme weather, making an outdoor music festival virtually impossible. In addition to a strong heat wave, the peninsula was hit by massive thunderstorms with menacing lightning and torrential rain. For fans who chose to camp on the festival grounds, it was a dangerous situation regardless, but hopefully the cancellation of the concerts themselves has encouraged people to seek shelter.

The weather may also have had an impact on some groups’ ability to get to the show on time. On Friday, Megadeth canceled their set due to “travel delays”. Skillet also retired due to unspecified weather issues. At the same time, festival organizers issued stern warnings to attendees about all the security precautions in place and the resources to secure their belongings.

The cancellations continued on Saturday evening. Some artists have had to cut their sets short, including Jerry Cantrell and Shinedown. Meanwhile, the night’s big headliner, Guns N’ Roses, has given up completely. However, some Saturday performances were simply postponed and rescheduled by festival organizers. These included Dirty Honey, Alexisonfire, Sick of It All and Saul.

“Unfortunately another storm is heading our way so we will unfortunately be canceling the rest of the show tonight,” festival organizers wrote in a message to attendees and a public post on social media. “We are as sorry as you are that the inclement weather today has disrupted our plans, but ultimately the safety of our fans, artists, staff and vendors is of the utmost importance. Please proceed calmly to your vehicle or your campsite. Thank you and See you tomorrow.”

Understandably, fans grew increasingly disappointed as these cancellations and delays piled up. Some planned to simply leave in frustration, while others hoped the show would continue on Sunday. As of this writing, the forecast for Daytona Beach appears to be relatively reasonable with limited rainfall. To verify Welcome to Rockville website or social media pages for more updates.

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