Måneskin’s Damiano David responds to Mick Jagger’s comments on rock music

Maneskinthe leader of Damian David replied to Mick JaggerRecent comments from on the state of rock and roll. During the band’s interview for the cover of NMEit’s great reading, they shared their thoughts on the rock legend’s take on the concept of keeping the rock genre alive. By answering a question about Harry StylesJagger mentioned artists like yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly make him “think there’s still some life in rock ‘n’ roll”.

When asked what they think on this sentiment, David said it was “a very old-fashioned way to look at it”. He added that “Nobody ‘keeps rock ‘n’ roll alive,'” he continued. “It’s just unkillable. In my head what we do is very different from what MGK does, which is very different from what Yungblud does, which is very different from what Willow Smith done, but a lot of artists bring back that kind of sound and energy: distorted guitars and real drums, to play with a band with real analog sounds, to dive on stage – all rock ‘n’ roll shit. The music just keeps growing. Everything collides and mixes in a good way.

David also said NME what he thinks of the opinions of rock purists on comparing new rock bands with the greats like the Rolling Stones. He revealed he loves pissing them off, saying, “It’s my guilty pleasure. To me, it makes no sense to expect us to behave like the Stones or the Queen. It’s already happened and culminated. They have created a legacy and no one can touch it.”

“It’s so stupid and pointless to expect a bunch of 20 year olds to replicate what was happening in the 70s and 80s. We’re f—ing 2022 so we’re just trying to do something new that makes us satisfied and happy. I really like to see people say, ‘Oh, they’re not Led Zeppelin‘. I say! We never will. I’m not Robert Plante; I would like to be! I have to do my own stuff.

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