Meet Itch, Serbia’s entry into the global modern rock competition


Historically, the world of music has always been driven by trends. From fake Madonnas to hip-hop opportunists to the entire metalcore section next to the plumbing supplies at Home Depot, someone always jumps on someone else’s train. Thanks to a new awareness and the advent of playlist culture, there has been a concerted effort by artists and listeners to eliminate the notion of “genre” and appeal to the art in your head. without prejudice.

That’s why we think you’ll dig Itch. On their second album, the band from Belgrade, Serbia, do checkerboard movements in a wide range of styles. Dancing pop that echoes the early ’80s to ska-infused metal, not two songs on their second LP, 2nd round, are similar. It’s not a lack of focus; it’s more of a joyful case of sonic ADHD. Lead singer Iva Caustic is the anchor of the group, offering just enough intrigue to make you wonder what’s next. Caustic’s voice and solid writing are key elements of the album, the saving grace that makes the record a unified collection and not just nine disparate songs.

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Really, there is something about 2nd round that will please your taste buds. Our favorite thing on the record is “Defpotec” where the bouncy pop is overloaded with a really cool solo guitar break before returning to the choruses and stopping dead. We hope you can make your own combinations to describe the quartet. Lzzy hale before Without a doubt? We are in the crowd get together with bigger amps to cover After the laugh? Stitched Up Heart’s Mixi Demner on Broadway underwent seven costume changes in one four-minute song?

You tell us if we are there or if we drink too much coffee. Find out what Itch is up to here and watch the video for “Spell” below.

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