Meet one of Britain’s youngest rock bands who formed when they were just nine years old


A rock band who formed when they were just nine years old took to the stage near Reading for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Beyond The Sons met through their music teacher three years ago and now practice religiously every Saturday near their home in Newbury, Berks.

The group – with an average age of 13 – are already accomplished artists and took to the stage last weekend to celebrate the platinum jubilee.

The band consists of lead guitarist Jake Collingwood, 12, drummer Albert Lister, 13, vocalist Hector Marshall, 13, rhythm guitarist Ethan Knight, 12, and bassist Hayden Horrix, 14.

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They’re playing covers from their favorite artists right now – but have just started writing their own stuff.

Mark Collingwood, 44, Jake’s stay-at-home dad, helps the group.

He said: “They look amazing, for all ages. I knew straight away they had something good.

“I guess they’re the youngest independently formed rock band in the UK. They were just lucky to find each other.

“They are all talented and so dedicated and they are a great group. Leo saw something in all of them and it worked as a group.

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“It’s a full two hour professional training every Saturday and then they have independent lessons and practice every day – Jake up to 70 minutes.

“I’m immensely proud of them all and very excited for them.”

Jake, who looks every inch the rocker in his hat and leather jacket, started formal lessons aged nine and was scouted by teacher and band manager Leo Westby.

Mark said: “In Jake’s first lesson, Leo said, ‘wow, he’s got something special, and Jake’s progress has soared under Leo’s tuition.

“He is [already] play some of the most technical stuff in the world, like Jason Becker.”

Jake said: “I love the energy of rock music.

“I just want to play my guitar live and loud, and travel the country doing gigs and festivals.”

Long-haired singer Hector added, “I love music and singing.

“I would like the band to be big and successful, but most of all I want to play at concerts and record more songs.”

Hayden, on bass, said he was addicted to making music.

He said: “I love that our band makes rock fun for other people and I love showing our videos.

And drummer Albert, who turns 14 tomorrow (8/6), continued: “I love creating music in the band – can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

Finally, Ethan, on rhythm guitar, said, “Band practice is the best part of my week – I’d love to play at a festival in front of a lot of people.”

Jake, Ethan and Hayden were the original band members, followed by Albert and Hector.

The band has suffered during Covid, with concerts canceled and restrictions making it difficult to practice.

But Beyond the Sons rocked the stage at a Platinum Jubilee event in Cold Ash, Berks., Saturday (4/6), performing 10 songs in an 80-minute set.

They are now looking forward to performing at other events this summer, including Chilli Festival in Reading on June 18 and Beastival in Portsmouth on July 9.

Hayden’s mum, Sam Horrix, 33, said: “They’re amazing, hard working and talented. Adults struggle with the music they play.

“Their courage and determination through all the setbacks in lockdown has been incredible.”

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