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Spring begins tomorrow, March 20. The daffodils have been beautiful and the other wonderful plants are about to burst. As usual, I was looking for something to write about, and I happened to be listening to an old Buddy Holly tape, and I couldn’t remember the name of his band. There it is ! Column issue resolved.

We haven’t done a trivia effort in quite a while, so what better way to kick off a new season than with some mind-stretching musical treats. This one is for the real buffs who can remember all the sayings of some old but good ones. If you’re under 55, you might want to watch a basketball game instead of spending five or six minutes (or maybe more) trying to find those answers.

This pairing contest will stress out even some intense students from the old bands. Some of these groups are still around after six decades. Place the lead singer with their band name. Although many singers have been in different bands in their lifetime, I ask the most popular band they were with. I have to admit up front that I only knew six – and I thought I was pretty good at it musically. The answers and scoring system will appear at the end of the column, so please don’t look. Good luck and have fun.

1) More faith; 2) Metallica; 3) Alice in chains; 4) Kiss; 5) Judas Priest; 6) Genesis; 7) The Who; 8) Suitors; 9) Guns N’ Roses: 10) U2; 11) Big Brother and the Holding Co.; 12) The Kinks; 13) Led Zeppelin; 14) Animals; 15) Nirvana; 16) pearl jam; 17) Court birds; 18) Credence Clearwater Revival; 19) Crickets; 20) Aerosmith; 21) Queen; 22) Rolling Stones; 23) The Gates; 24) Van Halen; 25) Black Sabbath; 26) dark purple; 27) Cheap Tip

A) Robin Zander: B) Axl Rose; C) Robert Plant; D) Ian Gillan; E) Janis Joplin; F) Eric Burdon; G) Jim Morrisson; H) Simmons gene; I) Rob Halford; J) Ozzy Osbourne; K) Mick Jagger; L) David Lee Roth; M) Roger Daltrey; N) Kurt Cobain; O) Steve Tyler; P) Buddy Holly; Q) James Hetfield; R) Peter Gabriel; S) Bono; T) John Fogerty; U) Eddie Vedder; V) Freddie Mercury; W) Rod Stewart; X) Keith Relf; Y) Layne Staley; Z) Mike Patton; AA) Chrissie Hynde.

The scoring system I use is quite simple. If you got less than 10 good grades, you must attend the Pink Floyd Remedial Music Artist School – a six-month term culminating in a three-page exam that will guarantee a passing grade the next time around. For 11-18 correct, you’ll get a certificate showing you’re only moderately proficient in the musical arts (kind of a musicology learner’s permit).

If you got 19-22 correct, you’ll receive free tickets to a Beach Boys concert in San Francisco, along with a two-night stay at a Holiday Inn.

If you’re lucky enough to score above 22, you’ll receive one free album per week for a year from your favorite artist. I hope you all enjoyed this test of your knowledge. I’d like to think that with a few more YouTube streams, we could all join the ranks of the big leagues.

For now though, I think I’ll just call my mate, Joe Littleton, and see if there’s any chance he’ll let me sing ‘House of the Rising Sun’ again in his next production of British Invasion. Two.

Answers: 1) Z; 2) Q; 3) O; 4) H; 5) I; 6) R; 7) M; 8) AA; 9) B; 10) S; 11)E; 12) O; 13)C; 14)F; 15) N; 16) U; 17) X; 18) T; 19)P; 20) 0; 21)V; 22)K; 23) G; 24) L; 25) J; 26)D; 27) One

Dr. Shelley Griffith is a retired doctor from Athens who writes this column for the DPA.

Dr. Shelley Griffith is a retired doctor from Athens who writes this column for the DPA.

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