Billboard – the media responsible for compiling the American charts – has just published a series of end of decade charts. The Hot 100 isn’t too surprising considering we’re all fairly aware of the decade’s most ubiquitous tunes, but BillboardThe 50 Best Rock Songs of the Decade paints a direRead More →

There was a time when the success of a single depended on its music video. With an innovative and imaginative music trailer, one song would almost guarantee a big spin on music television, and the rest, as they say, was history. What would become of Queen’s I want to beRead More →

Modern rock often struggles to stay innovative and avoid clichés. The Revivalists try to separate themselves from the plethora of groups facing this problem with their energetic live performances. The New Orleans-based eight-person rock band released their fourth album, “Take good care,“ in November 2018, and will perform at theRead More →

Most of us grew up idolizing one rock band or the other. We hung their pictures in our bedrooms, stood in line to buy their albums and concert tickets, and tried to learn the guitar or another musical instrument to cover their songs in our makeshift basement studios. They inspiredRead More →

The heart of this question, famously posed by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet, asks if the intrinsic value of an item is modified by its title. Even though UCR isn’t just Verona, or even your high school English class, we can apply the same question to our favorite rock artists.Read More →

A good soundtrack can turn a decent video game into a classic. While most soundtracks are given to game sound designers, well-known artists have left their mark on game soundtracks over the years. Here are 11 of the best. Read more: My Chemical Romance Could Be Reunited, Jonas Brothers SaysRead More →

Riasat Raihan written about the flourishing scenario of rock music in Dhaka. Bangladesh’s rock music scenario, especially in rapidly urbanizing Dhaka, is booming. Urban educated young people have developed a strong interest in this local creative musical enterprise. When young people talk about local rock or metal, the names ofRead More →

1. The Beatles John Pratt / Keystone / Getty Trained in: Liverpool, UK in 1960All album sales in the United States: 178.0 millionMost popular album: The BeatlesAnnual Wikipedia page visits: 9 168 431 Detailed results and methodology Rock music is unique in that the artists mostly work together and releaseRead More →

Vicki Peterson, formerly of The Bangles There is a good argument to be made that rock ‘n’ roll was invented in New Orleans in 1947 by Roy Brown with “Good Rocking Tonight”. Then you have Fats Domino, Little Richard (his first singles were recorded in New Orleans) and everything elseRead More →

While the country is best known for its clean and meticulous pop, these groups are leading a renaissance of guitar music South Korea’s meticulous and sophisticated pop music is its greatest cultural export, having found its place not only in the international music charts, but also in Olympic sporting events,Read More →

From left to right, BB Borden, Rick Willis, Doug Gray, Marcus Henderson, Tony Black and Chris Hicks of the Marshall Tucker Band. (Photo submitted) Copyright © 2021 Roswell Daily Record Very few bands have influenced an entire generation with their style and have remained as relevant to rock and countryRead More →

Very few bands have influenced an entire generation with their style and remained as relevant to rock and country music as The Marshall Tucker Band has. Alabama, Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt and Blake Shelton all cite The Marshall Tucker Band as one of their biggest influences. Trendsetter, the voice ofRead More →

When the line-up for Coachella 2018 was announced in January, a lot of people wondered where all the rock bands were. Even Louis Tomlinson, perhaps one of the least rock n ‘roll musicians alive, was confused. Unlike previous Coachella Bills, which often featured prominent bands like Radiohead and used toRead More →

It’s kind of amazing that classic rock artists escaped the 70s, 80s and 90s without being electrocuted. After all, one of the most common tropes in music videos of the era – besides the sheer scarves, quick editing and, shall we say, separate hairstyles – was the rain. Rain buckets,Read More →

Garage rock artists like Ty Segall are essential to integrating rock music. Everything about his music screams retrospective rock ‘n’ roll, while still keeping the genre fresh through the use of heavy-handed distortion. Artists like Segall, through their indie-tinged approach to rock, are the makers of summer festival-goers who areRead More →

During 2016 we also lost Eagles frontman Glenn Frey, Jefferson Airplane guitarist Paul Kantner, fifth Beatle George Martin, Genius of Earth, Wind and Fire Maurice White, prog rock maniac / E in ELP Keith Emerson, Elvis Scotty Moore guitarist, Alan Vega nightmare machine, King Crimson lead singer / L inRead More →

What qualifies a group as “new”? Which bands are too old to be new? What if we were already listening to them and posting about them in 2015? What are the groups a little bit old but stay a bit new? How can we pay a little more attention toRead More →

Booze is a wonderful muse for musicians. It’s the only thing, besides love, that keeps the creative juices flowing and overflowing in the studio. This does not necessarily mean, however, that alcohol is reliable in producing great Songs. Because there are a lot of really, really bad songs about gettingRead More →

File photo of the eagles At its core, rock n ‘roll is half country and half blues, but sometimes there is a little more of one of these elements in a song than the other. Other times there are many more. Hence the often used descriptors “blues rock” and “countryRead More →

The rock pub was definitely music to drink a few pints of beer at Pub rock was both a musical idea and a political movement in British rock from the early 1970s to the early 1980s, when 1960s heroes had outgrown the audiences they had once played for, beginning asRead More →

Smashing Pumpkins frontman and self-proclaimed “misanthrope” Billy Corgan has spoken again about what he thinks is a stagnant rock music scene, criticizing the genre and its fans for being too “passive” and not progressive enough compared to the others. Talk to Fairfax, the ever-outspoken Corgan blamed the genre for takingRead More →

| February 4, 2015 Noel Gallagher promotes his new upcoming album chasing yesterday, and fans of the former Oasis guitarist know what a Noel Gallagher publicity tour means: a chance for Noel to complain and insult musicians he doesn’t like. In an interview with the evening standardGallagher took aim atRead More →