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Launched in 1996, Jump Start Records was born in a college dormitory first as a paper mail order catalog and zine that quickly evolved into a 7 inch vinyl release with The Planet Smashers of Montreal. . Now, 25 years and well over 100 releases later, they’re still here, fighting the good fight and ready to celebrate the quarter century.

In the works for much of last year, the longtime Philly-based label for punk, ska, hardcore, indie and more officially launched its first-ever subscription club, which coincides with the 25th anniversary.

“Somehow we’ve managed to stick around for 25 years. Crazy, isn’t it? “Label owner Jeremy Myers said in a statement.” All the ups and downs, good decisions, bad decisions, for better or for worse, we’re still here. To celebrate, we’ve put together a little something to mark the occasion, our very first membership club!

While the label’s focus and motivation has changed dramatically over the years, one thing has remained true and that is a personal connection to music and a desire to work with friends to release the music they love. Among the many records they have released over the years are classics like A Wilhelm Scream, Antillectual, MXPX, Broadcaster, Belvedere, Kill Lincoln, Crucial Dudes, Plow United and many more.

Times are tough and being an independent label in 2021 is not easy. Getting people to pay attention to a small record company set up in a suburban Philadelphia basement isn’t an easy task, but the folks at Jump Start are hoping fans enjoy what they find as much as they do. they like to introduce the world to bands and music that they think we should know all about.

“To celebrate 25 years of bankruptcy for hell, we’ve put together what we think is a business monster,” Myers adds.

The subscription includes six exclusive versions, presses and variations of Jump Start LP, available only to club members. There’s also a 25th anniversary t-shirt, tote bag, campfire coffee mug, and Jump Start Records crest. To learn more about what’s included in the subscription, visit


Keep an eye out for this place as each week we will be reviewing new or forthcoming vinyls from a variety of artists. It could be a repress of a historical recording, a special edition or a new collection of a legendary act. This week is the 50th anniversary edition of a groundbreaking solo album of “The Quiet One” in The Beatles.

GEORGE HARRISON: “Everything must pass: 50th BIRTHDAY”

Recorded and released following the Beatles’ disbandment in April 1970, George Harrison’s solo album, “All Things Must Pass,” was a statement fully realized by a daring and daring artist. Produced by Harrison and Phil Spector, the 23-track effort stands half a century later as an epic and ambitious expression of Harrison’s remarkable gift for pure song, powerful spirituality, and a celebration of both his inimitable individuality. and his unique fellowship with his fellow musicians. .

The record was a late artistic release for George as a songwriter and musician. The very first triple studio album, it is packed with a huge range of ideas, musical styles and influences, ranging from rock and roll, country, gospel, blues, pop, folk, R&B, Indian classical music and devotional songs.

Despite the album’s resounding success and Harrison’s affection for it, he would write in the cover notes of the 30th Anniversary remaster, released in 2001, “I still love the songs on the album and I think it is. ‘they can continue to survive the style they were recorded in… it was hard to resist the remixing of each track. All these years later I would like to release some of the songs from the big production that seemed appropriate at the time ”.

Decades in the making and lovingly crafted by the Harrison family, “All Things Must Pass” has now been completely remixed from the original soundtracks for a stunning sequel of 50th anniversary releases that fulfills Harrison’s longtime desire. Produced by his son Dhani Harrison, it was produced by David Zonshine and mixed by three-time Grammy Award-winning engineer Paul Hicks, known for his work on the Beatles, Rolling Stones and John Lennon LPs. The new mix transforms the album by leveling it up, making it brighter, richer and better than ever.

Exclusive to, uDiscover and Sound of Vinyl, ‘All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary Edition’ will be available in a very limited Uber Deluxe Edition box set, which includes the album on 8LP 180 gram vinyl and 5CD + 1 Blu-ray audio disc housed in a wooden case designed by a craftsman measuring approximately 12.4 “x 12.4” x 17.5 “. The collection explores the 1970 album sessions through 47 demos and samples – including 42 unreleased ones – featuring A glimpse into the creative process Blu-ray lets fans experience the main album in high-resolution stereo, enveloping 5.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos mixes.

The case contains two books, an elaborate and extensive 96-page album curated by Olivia Harrison, with unreleased images and memorabilia from the time, handwritten lyrics, diary entries, studio notes, box images tape, one track per full track and more, while a second 44-page book chronicling the making of “All Things Must Pass” through extensive archival interviews with notes is also contained here. The elegantly designed book pays homage to Harrison’s love for gardening and nature. The book also contains a wooden bookmark made from a felled oak tree (Quercus Robur) in George’s Friar Park.

The truly unique box also contains replica 1/6 scale Harrison figures and gnomes featured on the iconic album cover art, a limited edition artwork by musician and artist Klaus Voormann, as well as a print of “Light from the Great Ones” by Paramaha Yogananda. ”And Rudraksha beads, contained in individual custom-made boxes. It’s only for the most die-hard fans as it sells for $ 999.98.

For those who want to spend a little less, there is also a Super Deluxe Edition box set, presented on 8LP 180 gram vinyl or 5CD + 1 Blu-ray audio disc. The collection contains a beautiful 60-page album curated by Olivia Harrison, with unreleased images and memorabilia from the era, handwritten lyrics, diary entries, studio notes, cassette footage, one track per track complete and more. It also includes a replica of the original album poster.

Additionally, “All Things Must Pass” will be released in several physical and digital configurations, including a 5LP or 3CD Deluxe Edition that pairs the main album with the session’s takes and jams. The main album will be available alone as a 2CD, 3LP or 3LP limited edition on colored vinyl and can be found online and in stores of all respectable retailers that sell vinyl.

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