Polish and British rock groups unite in 1998 album released on vinyl for the first time – The Calvert Journal

Bringing together 20 artists from Poland and the UK, anti-racism rock album One race – Human race. Music Against Racism: Part 2 just released for the first time on vinyl.

Originally distributed in 1998 by the independent Polish label QQRYQ Productions, the compilation was initiated by Marcin Kornak (1968-2014): a human rights activist, poet, lyricist and founder of the Never Again Association, the main anti-racist organization in Poland. Kornak, who became disabled at the age of 14 following an accident, is also known to have started a permanent register of hate crimes in Poland in 1996, known as Brown book, an initiative that continues to this day.

The vinyl, released by the Never Again Association with Szczecin-based production company Jimmy Jazz Records, starts off with punk rock by ’90s Polish band Blade Loki before moving on to Chumbawamba’s English folk track “Nazi”. The album also features Liroy, a Polish rapper-politician, with his hip hop track based on the anti-fascist poetry of Bertold Brecht.

With elements of reggae and punk, the track “Let’s Kick Racism Out of Stadiums”, performed by Polish band WRS, is based on lyrics written by Kornak himself. “The place of fascism is in the trash, let’s expel racism from the stadiums”, say the words in Polish.

The album cover also features a political statement by Kornak: “Racism is encouraged by ignorance. This is the type of ideology that always leads to atrocity, as its main component is hatred against diversity. Humans, on the other hand, although identical in nature, differ in their culture, their religion, their beliefs, the color of their hair, their eyes, their skin … and it is wonderful, because it makes this world and this so fascinating life. This is also why racial categorization is so dangerous – it threatens the most basic human right, the right to exist.

If you want to support the Never Again association, you can order the vinyl by e-mail [email protected].

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