Social problem in modern rock music


Rock music has always been a way for people to express their strongest feelings, thoughts and desires, artists and listeners. It’s something that has remained consistent in the genre.

Amunda band member Paul Ah Chee says their song lyrics are just a reflection of what we see and what affects us. They touch on many aspects of life and the world, delivering them in hard-hitting and uplifting lyrics. Is this true for modern music today?

Rock music today

Modern rock music includes some groups that make music for commercial purposes. But most artists still see rock as a way to address social issues and concerns. Distorted in the lyrics you’ll find lines about lives lost to alcohol and drugs, unrequited love and toxic lovers, rejected public voices, and growing oppressive power.

Rock bands believe in the rhythm of the music to amplify the points they wish to address and take the listener to an area where they come face to face with the problem itself. If we go back to the California Hotel, we can remember the strong story of an alcoholic who, once steeped in the habit, struggles to become the person he was before.

A group called the North Tanami Band has a song whose lines look like this – “Now sit without thinking – older brother drinking wine – younger brother sniffing gasoline.” It’s so representative of today’s youth groups trying to distract themselves from their struggles by indulging in drugs and alcohol in an endless sprint to reach a point of numbness.

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A medium of catharsis

As people around the world grapple with social issues ranging from discrimination based on sex or color to drug and alcohol addiction, from feeling lonely to the inability to speak out to others, the rock music can allow listeners to release the ever increasing tension within.

With the powerful sounds of percussion combined with the buzzing metal strings and lead singer’s voice, rock music can be cathartic. People can resonate with the lyrics, the tones of the music, and find an outlet for whatever they may have stuck in their mind. Whether it’s frustration over working long hours or heartbreak over fragmented relationships, rock music forces audiences to challenge issues head-on without worrying about the next day.

Rock music can even be music for student learning, as studies show that people can be more motivated to study after listening to rock music. You can even try using it while studying, keeping the music at a volume that doesn’t distract you.

Addressing Changing Times

Modern rock also highlights the ways the world has changed over the years. It traces the time when rock was in the foreground and what it was trying to say about the world. He will then discuss how cities have changed, people have changed and how communities have changed.

Scrap metal, a popular band, has a song called “Old Broome Town” which tells the story of the boys who grew up in Broome Town and what growing up meant to them. “But the freedom of our young days is gone now – and things are not the same” is a line from the song that may represent what the song is trying to express for a while.


Of course, the groups would like to be recognized. But most artists still believe in their music and the message they want to convey. They believe that there will always be people who will listen to rock music, even in an age when the genre category is saturated. Through the messages and the artistic delivery of those messages, rock music continues to address everything that needs to be addressed about society and ideas that disturb the peace of our minds.

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