Steady rock: The Wolf marks 30 years of classic rock radio in Peterborough


Wolf 101.5 FM celebrates 30 years as a classic rock radio station.

The station adopted the classic rock format on February 14, 1992, providing residents and cottagers of Peterborough, the Kawarthas, and central Ontario with their own rock station.

Many radio stations have changed formats since then, but The Wolf has remained consistent with the same classic rock sound offered since day one, said Rob Seguin, program manager for The Wolf 101.5 FM and 100.5 Fresh Radio.

“It’s pretty exciting to see the station brand stick around for so long, you see stations changing brand or format over the course of their lifetime,” Seguin said.

“It’s been going strong for 30 years in Peterborough, it was the first rock station in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.”

To celebrate this milestone, The Wolf is offering listeners the opportunity to enter contests over the coming weeks and months to win prizes.

Listeners can play the station’s 30th anniversary elimination game for a chance to win up to $3,000.

Entrants will have the chance to play games and join in the festivities throughout the weeks until there are three final contestants, then one will win the grand prize.

“We have 30 contestants over the course of a few weeks knocking prizes one by one off the board that they don’t want to win as long as there’s only one left ahead of those three qualifiers. One person will walk away with a grand prize,” Seguin said.

Morning Show co-host Brian Ellis will also interview former radio station personalities about their experiences and time at the station, starting with former Morning Show personality Greg Henderson. .

“We have a number of promotions going on to keep the celebrations going throughout the year,” Seguin said.

“In the spring, summer and fall, we will continue to provide great opportunities for listeners to win prizes.”

Seguin is grateful to work in the industry, especially because of his love for classic rock from the 1960s to the 2000s and a passion for pop music too.

“For me, it was an incredible challenge, coming into a station that has 20 years of heritage in the market,” he said.

The Wolf remained popular with audiences between the ages of 25 and 54. There have been few changes from Seguin’s predecessors, but he wants to bring the radio station’s classic rock vibe back to where it started.

“What I was looking to do was take it back a bit more to the origins of the station,” he said.

“While incorporating modern rock and working with an incredible team of people who love and are passionate about the station, the music and the community.”

Seguin added that it’s in real tandem with what he thinks the station looked like when it first aired and that’s exactly where he hopes to take it forward, being innovative while trying to stay true to its roots. .

“There’s great classic rock and new rock, promotionally we’ve always tried to do great things for our listeners and give them great opportunities to win cool stuff on a budget,” he said. .

Still, the legacy of radio is to provide good music and great personalities to entertain people to make it a success.

“There’s a lot to be said for longevity and stability, we’re here to stay, the station is successful and we’re working very hard to work with community partners and help them succeed,” he said.

“If you love rock music, we’re going to be the place you can keep relying on.”

Now owned by Corus Entertainment, the station changed its call letters to CKWF-FM and expanded its lineup with the switch to the classic rock format in 1992 by former owner Power Broadcasting. The station was formerly known as CFMP-FM and was established in 1968 as CHEX-FM as an FM outlet of CHEX-AM, launched in 1947.

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