Jeff Beck and Stevie Wonder The death of Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire in 2016 made us reflect on how soul and classic rock music went from friendly cousins ​​in the early 1960s to brothers with different mothers over the years. decade and into the 70s. If youRead More →

By Michel Christophe Rock Music Menu Columnist It’s beyond last minute to find a gift for the music lover in your life, but don’t panic; Rock Music Menu is here with the annual holiday gift guide to help the desperate. This week, we’re looking at 10 of the best rockRead More →

Rock and roll fans know that the band that suggests the genre has lost its relevance has lost good taste. When you listen to some of the best rock bands of all time, it becomes clear that rock music is sure to pass the test of time and live asRead More →

The New York Times published a guest opinion piece last week titled “Should classic rock songs be toppled like Confederate statues?” He then renamed the editorial to more reflect what the article postulates: “Can we separate art from artist?” “ The author focuses most of his anger on Don McLean’sRead More →

Since you’re a fan of the classic rock era, we’re wondering how many big names you’ve been lucky enough to see perform live. We’ve listed 100 of the biggest names and fully recognize that many of your favorites may not be listed. (You’ll notice artists like the Doors, Jimi Hendrix,Read More →

[Photos via YouTube] Even though we are always on the lookout for new things, covers old songs from our favorite artists are always gifts welcomed with open arms. There’s something about a cover that’s always exciting, especially when it’s other musicians showing off their karaoke skills. It’s cool to seeRead More →

This article originally appeared on VICE Romania. For young Romanians living under communism, the biggest night of the week was “Youth Thursday”. Organized by youth clubs in schools, universities and factories, the dance parties launched some of the biggest Romanian rock and jazz bands of the time. Unsurprisingly, the RomanianRead More →

THEY don’t make them look like Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell anymore – and he doesn’t know it. He lambasted the current crop of chart stars for spending too much time on their smartphones promoting themselves rather than honing their skills. Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell blasted current chart tops for wasting timeRead More →

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to plague people around the world, many musicians are stepping up their efforts by selling masks of rock bands. “During these weird days, stay safe and donate to charity by pre-ordering a 3-pack of The Doors face masks,” the classic rockers said via Twitter, notingRead More →

Two days before the Grammy Awards, Aerosmith will receive the MusiCares Person of the Year 2020 award. Not only has Aerosmith made an impact in the music industry, but they have also dedicated time to philanthropic efforts over five decades. These rockers are true icons of the classic rock genre.Read More →

Modern rock often struggles to stay innovative and avoid clichés. The Revivalists try to separate themselves from the plethora of groups facing this problem with their energetic live performances. The New Orleans-based eight-person rock band released their fourth album, “Take good care,“ in November 2018, and will perform at theRead More →

Most of us grew up idolizing one rock band or the other. We hung their pictures in our bedrooms, stood in line to buy their albums and concert tickets, and tried to learn the guitar or another musical instrument to cover their songs in our makeshift basement studios. They inspiredRead More →

It’s kind of amazing that classic rock artists escaped the 70s, 80s and 90s without being electrocuted. After all, one of the most common tropes in music videos of the era – besides the sheer scarves, quick editing and, shall we say, separate hairstyles – was the rain. Rain buckets,Read More →

File photo of the eagles At its core, rock n ‘roll is half country and half blues, but sometimes there is a little more of one of these elements in a song than the other. Other times there are many more. Hence the often used descriptors “blues rock” and “countryRead More →