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There are many reasons why people LIE. . . something from not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings, to not wanting to get involved in a liquor store robbery. (Just kidding… where am I?)

Most of them are “little lies” that are trivial or even unnecessary. . . because the other person may not care or may realize it’s a lie anyway.

In a new poll, 42% of people say they think their little lies are CONVINCING. 42% admit a lie has come back to haunt them. And 51% of people say they feel guilty for not telling the truth, even for a little something.

The survey also produced a list of the 15 most common lies. They are:

1. “I forgot.”

2. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

3. “I listen.”

4. “I’m busy then.”

5. “Nice to see you.”

6. “I have no change.”

7. “I have no money.”

8. “I got stuck in traffic.”

9. “I don’t know what happened there.”

10. Not disclosing the ACTUAL price of something you purchased.

11. “I don’t feel well.”

12. “I can’t wait to see you.”

13. “That meal was good.”

14. “I have a headache.”

15. “The email went to my spam folder.”


(How many of these would YOU admit to using?)

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