The best fictional rock bands of all time


First, the bad sides. Box Office Mojo says that “The Rocker,” the 2008 musical featuring this fictional ’80s hair metal band, was a major box office bomb despite a truly impressive ensemble cast that would make “The Departed” jealous (Rainn Wilson, Emma Stone, Josh Gad, Jason Sudeikis, Will Arnett, Jane Lynch, Christina Applegate, Bradley Cooper and Fred Armisen all perform). Critics didn’t like it either, hitting it with a disappointing 41% Approval Rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In the world of film, these guys are hard to find. The whole story happens because Vesuvius kicks out Rainn Wilson’s character Fish, their original drummer, in order to get a record deal and the opening slot for an upcoming tour with Whitesnake in 1986. at the end of the film, after Fish’s new band ADD (who might have made this list if it wasn’t for their lousy name) opens for Vesuvius, the glam rock superstars get caught lip-syncing and are quickly booed off the stage. For shame, guys. Out of shame.

That being said, box office success, critical approval, and likable characters that rock with integrity aren’t prerequisites for making this list. Writing great chunks, however, is. Luckily for Vesuvius, who lived up to his name by spectacularly imploding, they knew a thing or two about writing certified ’80s rock hits. Look no further than “Promised land.” Hard to say that these guys conquered the rock world with stupid luck.

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