The best video games for rock music fans


Ever since rock greats Journey and ’80s arcade giants Bally Midway came together to create a video game named after the band, the genres of music and gaming have become near perfect.

Rock giants like Mötley Crüe and Aerosmith have since followed suit, inspired by Journey before them, the latter releasing its video game collaboration with the iconic Guitar Hero highly successful brand.

These are just two examples of how rock music and its image are being used to enhance one of the most consumed genres in modern popular culture. Nowadays, rock music is often linked to video games, on mobile as well as on consoles. Rhythm games, such as Guitar Hero, can be found on Android, while themes are found in other game genres as well. There are rock-themed slot machines from coral who also discuss the imagery of music; Rock the Reels Megaways and Gods of Rock both feature graphics associated with live rock concerts. These are not the only titles with musical themes without putting a guitar in hand; Cytus is also available on iOS and Android. These games prove that rock music is a popular gaming theme, whether playing an instrument or spinning a reel.

So, with the two entertainment industries combining for decades, let’s take a look at some of the best video games for rock music fans.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Series

Although the Tony Hawk games have been acclaimed by gamers, they are also known to have one of the most influential rock soundtracks in any game. Rage Against The Machine rose to prominence with their track, Guerrilla Radio, featured in the game. At the same time, Goldfinger’s Superman was considered one of the best uses of licensed music in video game history. , according to Buzzfeed.

brutal legend

This game was created by Jack Black was and still is fantastic, even though it is over ten years old now. Black takes the lead in the game by voicing the main character, Eddie Riggs, who charts a course through a fantasy world based on the world of rock and roll. But while the inclusion of a rock-loving movie star is remarkable on its own, when combined with the music of Megadeth, Judas Priest and black sabbathit’s even better.

Prince of Persia – Inner Warrior

Stuart Chatwood, The Tea Party’s bassist and keyboardist, collaborated with famed video game musician Inon Zur on the game’s soundtrack set in the Middle East, and all we can say is wow. Not only does this have fantastic original sounds created for titles made for the game itself, but Godsmack has some of their music featured as well.

Eternal destiny

Since the first version of the gritty shooter was released in 1993, it has become synonymous with both frenetic first-person shooter action and its punchy soundtrack. So when the Doom Eternal announcement came, fans of the game weren’t just waiting for the game itself, they were equally excited to hear what composer Mick Gordon would come up with this time around? Could he match his previous efforts? Oh, absolutely, the highlight is The Only Thing They Fear is You track.

Metal Gear Rising: Revenge

This futuristic take on the popular underworld fantasy stealth and spy game franchise has an audio style to match, with heavy industrial rock and metal riffs from John Bush, formerly of Anthrax, and the former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader. Konami, who produced the title, liked the music so much that they released it on their official store. It was also good value for around $25; there were 29 tracks on one album that would take you into the audio world of Raiden, the katana-wielding cyborg.

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