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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – The City of Fort Wayne Neighborhood Planning and Activation Task Force announced that 38 neighborhood associations are receiving grants totaling more than $170,000 to support community-led projects. These projects range from new landscaping in common areas to replacing neighborhood signage.

Any registered Fort Wayne neighborhood association could apply to receive up to $5,000 in repayable grant funds. The program, managed by the City’s Community Development Division, is designed to support neighborhood beautification efforts and enhance neighbor involvement.

This year, the City received a record number of grant applications from several neighborhood associations that had not previously participated. The Southwest Region Partnership funded nine projects in addition to those approved by the city due to high demand for support for neighborhood-led projects. These projects are included in the final list.

Selected projects will enhance neighborhood aesthetics, provide a clear community benefit, be accessible to all neighborhood residents, and increase civic pride. Expenses such as routine maintenance, major infrastructure projects, social events, or operating expenses were not eligible for grant funds.

“We continue our efforts to maintain and grow strong neighborhoods,” said Nancy Townsend, Director of Community Development. “It’s clear that with the efforts of our Neighborhood Planning and Activation Group along with the support of our Neighborhood Associations, we will be able to strengthen our neighborhoods throughout the city of Fort Wayne.”

“Neighborhoods are the backbone of Fort Wayne,” Mayor Tom Henry said. “It is essential that we continue to make investments to ensure that we have strong and vibrant neighbourhoods. I am also encouraged by the leadership and innovation of our new Neighborhood Planning and Activation Task Force. Their proactive efforts stemming from the City of Fort Wayne’s Community Development Division will make a lasting and meaningful difference.

Each proposal was assessed and scored against the grant criteria and available funding.

The list below captures the original grant recipients along with a brief description of their proposed project, which still requires all necessary permits and approvals:

Barrington Lake Estates Neighborhood – Renovate the existing landscape around the entrance to the neighborhood and install new seating at the neighborhood pond

Grant amount $4,549.00

Bellshire Neighborhood – Replace existing letterboxes

Grant amount $4,995.00

Bloomingdale’s Neighborhood – Add a new lattice to the neighborhood and improve the surrounding landscaping areas

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Bluewater Neighborhood – Replace existing street signs and provide new neighborhood information signs

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Brickshire Village Neighborhood – Plant trees and create a new landscape protection area along Maysville Road behind houses in the neighborhood

Grant amount $4,720.00

Burning Tree Neighborhood – Add two park benches and concrete slabs to the common area

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Chandler’s Landing Neighborhood – Replace existing light fixtures with new energy efficient LED fixtures

Grant amount $3,500.00

Courts of Woodhurst Neighborhood – Redesign existing landscaping in community yard

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Covington Chase Neighborhood – Remove existing invasive plants and replace with new native trees and shrubs to restore the landscape screening area

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Covington Pines Neighborhood – Install a new entrance sign for the neighborhood

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Covington Reserve III Neighborhood – Redesign the landscaped area around the current entrance to the neighborhood

Grant amount $4,985.00

Fall Creek Neighborhood – Install new erosion control riprap around neighborhood pond

Grant amount $4,200.00

Foxchase Condominiums – Install landscaping to create a rest area along the neighborhood trail

Grant amount $2,150.00

Glens of Liberty Mills Neighborhood – Repair and/or replace existing neighborhood entrance signs

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Hamlets West Neighborhood – Remove existing invasive plants from common area and replace with new landscaping

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Hearthstone Neighborhood – Replace two existing outdated park benches

Grant amount $3,915.84

Southwood Park Historic Neighborhood – Install new street trees and a concrete slab park bench to create a neighborhood rest area

Grant amount $2,886.15

Illsley Place neighborhood – Add new entrance pillar plaques and replace several existing neighborhood banners

Grant amount $4,923.00

Imperial – Swathmore Civic Neighborhood – New landscaping at entrance to neighborhood

Grant amount $4,500.00

Quartier LaCabreah – Removal of old trees at the entrance to the neighborhood

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Neighborhood LaRez – Install ten new overhead traffic signs and add a new neighborhood marker

Grant amount $4,800.00

Laurel Ridge neighborhood – Install a new bench and two new picnic tables in the neighborhood

Grant amount $3,976.00

Log Cabin Park Neighborhood – Replaced multiple traffic signs throughout the neighborhood

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Ludwig Park Neighborhood – Replace existing Neighborhood entrance sign

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Maplewood Community Neighborhood – Install new neighborhood bulletin boards adjacent to the neighborhood entrance sign

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Millstone Neighborhood – Plant ten fruit trees in the neighborhood common area

Grant amount $4,995.00

Oak Glen Neighborhood – Install new chantries, benches, picnic tables and add trash cans to the neighborhood common area

Grant amount $4,799.00

Pine Valley Neighborhood – Pursue the conversion of existing tennis courts into a walkable nature preserve

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Poplar Neighborhood – Install twelve raised beds for urban gardens

Grant amount $4,770.00

Quartier Renaissance Pointe – Create and install rotating art murals at Bowser Park

Grant Amount $5,000.00

River Bend Woods Neighborhood – Install new flat stones on common area pathways to help define the area for neighborhood residents

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Shores of Oak Borough – Install a 14′ x 20′ patio with two benches in the common area

Grant amount $3,500.00

The Hollows Neighborhood – Install three new park benches in the common area of ​​the neighborhood

Grant amount $2,440.00

Buckingham Village Neighborhood – Install new erosion control riprap, remove existing ground cover and install a new bench in the neighborhood

Grant amount $2,645.00

Villas of Rock Creek Neighborhood – Renovate existing landscaping at entrance to neighborhood

Grant Amount $5,000.00

Wedgewood Place Neighborhood – Upgrade the neighborhood common space with new seating options and renovate existing play equipment

Grant amount $3,584.00

Wildwood Park Neighborhood – Install a new digital speed sign and planters along the roadway to help reduce high speeds

Grant amount $4,800.00

Williams Woodland Neighborhood – Provides exterior home improvement or security improvement repairs for applicants in the neighborhood, with up to $500 per applicant

Grant Amount $5,000.00

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